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Video Book Collaboration

Video Book Collaboration

Whether you’re working on a novel, picture book, memoir, cookbook, travel guide, or technical manual, there comes a time when you need feedback from others. This feedback may come from any number of sources such as beta readers, members from your critique group, writing coaches or instructors, literary agents, editors, illustrators, publishers, or colleagues at work. While email and in-person meetings are commonly used, Video Pro video conferences can bring your group together for real-time book collaboration in a video conference.

Why Use a Video Conference for Book Collaboration?

With Video Pro, you can have as many as 100 attendees in a single video conference. Likewise, you can hold small, intimate video conferences. Whether you schedule a video conference for two or 100, Video Pro includes several important features that are ideal for book collaboration and critiques:

  Video and voice collaboration - Being able to see and hear the person providing feedback can help you to better understand their concepts and gauge their intentions and enthusiasm. Brainstorming, plotting, and troubleshooting are much easier when you can bounce ideas off of one another in real time, and Video Pro allows for that.

  Chat - The integrated chat box is useful for sharing resources and quick thoughts that can be referenced later. For example, if you ask your group if anyone can recommend a good proofreader, attendees could provide their recommendations and contact details in the chat box.

  Collaborative notes - Whether receiving feedback from your critique group or working on a chapter with your editor, you’ll appreciate the collaborative notes feature of Video Pro. For example, if you’re struggling with a given paragraph, copy and paste it into a note. From there, your book collaborators can add their own thoughts to the note. Your notes will be readily available after the video conference.

  Screen sharing - As your video conference progresses, you may want to show your collaborators your work in progress or character sketches. You might be asked to demonstrate how to use the advanced features of your favorite writing software such as Scrivener or Ulysses. With the screen sharing feature, you can quickly share your screen with the group. They’ll see everything you see on your computer!

  Recording - As you know, there’s a lot to cover when collaborating on a book or receiving feedback on it. By recording your video conferences, there’s less pressure to take detailed notes and more freedom to listen to others’ ideas and explore their concepts in greater depth.

Common Types of Video Conferencing Meetings for Authors, Illustrators, and Editors

Our video conferencing service is ideal for any number of group meetings you might need. Below are a few common types:

  Virtual critique groups
  Feedback meetings with your agent, editor, or publisher
  Plot, character, and setting development meetings
  Research and interviews
  Collaboration with illustrators and co-authors
  Editorial reviews
  Book publicity meetings
  Ad hoc video conferences for quick feedback or crisis intervention
  Networking with your peers

Gathering Your Group

With Video Pro, video conferences are easy to schedule either in advance or on the fly. As the leader of a video conference, you can initiate your book collaboration video conference via your account dashboard in a web browser or via a Windows or Mac Video Pro app. There’s no download or plugin required for your attendees. All they need to do is click the link in your invitation to join your video conference in a web browser.

How to Get Started

Video Pro offers a 100% free, no obligation 30-day trial with no credit card required. Start your 30-day trial by signing up now. logo