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Video Conference Board and Committee Meetings

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Video Community Board and Committee Meetings

Whether you serve on the school board, a parent support group board, a youth sports team’s boosters board, or a committee of some sort, you’ll often find meeting in person to be impractical or challenging due to tight schedules, long commutes, or travel issues. Video Pro provides your group with an affordable alternative that can replace or supplement your face-to-face meetings.

Why Use Video Conferencing for Board and Committee Meetings?

A video conference can mimic a traditional meeting, allowing members to see and hear one another in a video conference just as they would if they were seated across a conference room table. Just about any board business can be handled just as effectively, if not more so, in a video conference as it can in a live meeting room.

For example, your board meeting conference can:

Review and approve previous meeting minutes

Take roll call

Present new business

Discuss ideas and concerns

Plan events

Vote on proposals

Close out old business

Present reports

Hold open discussions

Collaborate on flyers, grant proposals, fundraising events, and forms

Nominate new board members

Record the meeting’s minutes (or record the entire meeting for that matter)
Video Pro is loaded with video conferencing features. Among those that are particularly useful for board meetings are:

Multiple cameras - Up to six cameras can be connected at once, with three different layout modes (Grid, Active Talker, and Lecturer).

Large or small meeting sizes supported - Your board may be small, but your membership much larger. Video Pro supports up to 100 attendees in a single video conference, making it ideal for both board and member meetings.

Collaborative notes - The notes tool is useful for taking private and shared notes. For example, your secretary may take the meeting minutes in a private note which can be shared later while a committee may want to create a collaborative note focused on an upcoming event or issue. These notes are handily located within Video Pro’s user interface.

Color-coded status - Attendees can indicate their status (ready, question, agree, disagree, and away) with a mouse click. Their name display will change color based on the status selected. At a glance, you can easily see who has a question, who agrees, who disagrees, and who has stepped away). Use the status feature to quickly poll the group or take a vote.

Screen sharing - The presenter can easily share his or her screen, making for a more engaging meeting. For example, you can take your group on a guided tour of your new website or share colorful charts and graphs detailing your group’s cash flow.

Handing off the presenter role - Passing the presenter’s controls is helpful when you have several board or committee members who need to share their screens or co-moderate the discussion.

Auto attendance reports - Your secretary will love the auto attendance reports we send once your video conference ends. These reports are automatically generated and sent to you. They contain all pertinent details including: Meeting name, meeting date and time, duration, and attendees.

Not quite sure how your board might be able to take advantage of Video Pro? Below are a few examples to get your creative juices flowing.

Common Meeting Types

  Monthly board meetings

  Event planning meetings

  Committee meetings

  Open membership meetings

  Q&A sessions

  Informational meetings

  Quick recap meetings for absentee members

  In-between-meeting meetings

  Crisis meetings

  Holding Video Board Meetings

With Video Pro, your meetings can be scheduled in advance or held at a moment’s notice. Either way, just send attendees an invitation and begin collaborating in an intuitive video conference room. Your fellow board members do not need to download any software or configure plugins. They simply click the link and enter via their favorite web browser. You can do the same or use our desktop application.

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