Video Pro Use Case with Interactive Sales Presentations

Video Pro Interactive presentations
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Connect with your clients and prospects, help solve their problems, and present your offer in a convenient video-based format with Video Pro. Our video conferencing service is an ideal alternative to face-to-face sales meetings when an in-person meeting might not be an option.

Why Use Video Pro for Interactive Sales Presentations?

While meeting in person is desirable, it’s not always possible due to time and distance constraints. Video Pro serves as the next best thing to being there in person. Not only can you meet face-to-face in a private video conference, you can bring in up to 100 attendees. Thus, you can use Video Pro to deliver a tele-seminar to a larger group or for a smaller presentation. Below are a few examples of how Video Pro can help you deliver engaging and interactive sales presentations.

  Multiple Modes - Being able to see one another during your presentation is helpful for building relationships and for gauging body language and subtle nonverbal cues. With Video Pro, you can choose from three different video display modes: Lecture, Grid, and Active Talker. Lecture mode is commonly used for larger one-to-many sales presentations. Grid mode allows you to have up to 6 cameras displayed at once in a grid. For example, if you and your sales manager are presenting an investment opportunity to a married couple, each of whom is connected while at work, all four webcams could be displayed in a grid. If you switch to Active Talker mode, the focus will be on the person speaking.

Screen Sharing - It’s not just about video chat with Video Pro; you can also share your screen. One of the most common use cases for screen sharing is to show an existing PowerPoint presentation. While you could email your slideshow, allowing prospects to view at their leisure, using Video Pro gives you greater control. For example, you can pause the show to point out specific benefits or answer questions as they come up. Likewise, you could also take attendees on a virtual tour of your website, catalog, or even select real estate listings.

  Chat - Along the side of the Video Pro interface is a handy chat box where everyone present can jot down questions, share links, and chat without interrupting the speaker. For a large presentation, you may want to have one of your partners moderate the chat.

  Private and Collaborative Notes - You can create private or collaborative notes during your video sales presentations. Having a note-taking tool available directly in the video conference interface keeps you focused on the task at hand, and it keeps your screen uncluttered should you need to share it during the presentation. You can also pull up notes from earlier video conferences as needed. For example, you could create a note containing probing questions to ask or the benefits you want to highlight during the video conference. After the presentation, your completed notes are just a click away in your account dashboard.

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Video Pro Interactive Sales Presentations
Interactive Video Sales Presentations

Common Scenarios for Using Video Pro as a Sales Presentation Tool

Video conferencing is an effective medium for sales presentations and can be used any number of ways. Below are just a few possibilities.

•  Introductions and requirements gathering
•  Presenting your solution
•  Negotiations
•  Problem solving
•  Consultations
•  Virtual tours
•  Meet the team
•  Closing the deal
•  Product demonstrations
•  Adding that personal touch to long-distance deals

How to Get Started

Whether you’re in a bind and need to host an interactive video conference immediately or want to test video conferencing out as a possible alternative to holding sales presentations in person, our free 30-day trial grants you immediate access to all of Video Pro’s features.

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