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Video Pro | Full Collaboration
How Video Pro Makes Collaboration a Simple Matter of Point and Click

Video Pro offers several affordable plans - and a free fully functional 30-day trial.

Experience video collaboration built for teamwork

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Whether your are located across the hallway or across the continent - or on the other side of the world for that matter, the freedom to fully collaborate is just a few taps away with Video Pro.

It's an intuitive, fully featured video conferencing tool designed to accommodate meetings with up to 100 attendees. Whether you have a small group and just need our basic plan or a larger one, all features are included.

Your attendees do not download anything because the video conference takes place in a standard web browser.

Likewise, you can start your video conferences from a web browser or from a simple desktop app for Mac or Windows.

Initiating a video conference involves signing in and inviting someone. Your attendees will receive an email with a link to join - it’s that easy!

Because of Video Pro’s ease of use and ad hoc video conferencing features, you and your team can collaborate in a video conference at a moment’s notice.

Even better, you can:

  Collaborate in real time using both audio and video - VoIP audio is built in, so all you need is a computer, a webcam, and a microphone. Chances are, your computer is ready to go as most come equipped with these collaboration essentials.

  Share your screen - Need to show a colleague how to enter a formula in Excel? Want to show your graphic design ideas to your marketing team and discuss them in real time? No problem, invite them to a video conference and share your screen.

  Take collaborative notes - Whether sharing your screen or chatting face-to-face in a video conference, Video Pro’s collaborative notes feature allows everyone in the conference to contribute written notes. Prefer to keep your notes private? You can do that, too.

  Use a blend of video and chat - A built-in chat tool resides within Video Pro’s interface, allowing you to use text chat as needed. This is also useful for sharing links, phone numbers, addresses, and other textual data that your collaborators may need. Rather than repeating an item number so that everyone can write it down, enter it in the chat box.

  Record your collaboration sessions - Record your video conferences with just a click and review them later as needed. If one of your team members was unable to attend or had to leave early, the recording will fill in the blanks.

  Keep a record of your meetings with automatic attendance reports - Auto attendance reports help you keep track of who attended and when so that you can follow up later. For example, if you promised attendees that you’d send them information after the call, your attendance report will tell you exactly who’s expecting that information. Attendance reports are particularly helpful for board meetings where attendance must be documented and reported.

  View up to 6 attendee cameras in different layouts - With the Grid layout, you can see 6 people at once in a grid. Active Talker mode displays the current speaker in a larger portion of the screen. Lecture mode displays the presenter’s camera or screen (depending on the presenter’s choice) to all.

  Hold intimate, face-to-face video meetings, even if miles apart - Many users stay logged into their video conferences for extended periods, working collaboratively as if they were seated at the same table. Working side-by-side, albeit virtually, in this manner allows them to share ideas or ask for input instantly without having to coordinate a meeting.

  Hold larger video conferences with up to 100 attendees - Though you may not need to collaborate with 100 people at once, you might need to update your team’s progress to stakeholders. Video Pro can accommodate as many as 100 attendees in a single video conference.

Enjoy full collaboration with Video Conferencing participants
Video Collaboration Made Easy
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