Some Countries Have More Than One Rate Option

Using Portugal as an example below, if you see multiple rates for a country, this means you have more than one rate option.  Your attendees can use any access type that is available from their country location.

Rate Options

Three rate Options
Portugal rate example
Toll-Free Access
Most often used access type.  Your participant can dial-in using the included toll-free access number from their country to join your call.

Local Access

For example, if you have a Portugal meeting attendee located in the city of Lisbon, he/she can dial into your call using the supplied Lisbon local access phone number.

If your invitee would rather not dial-in or cannot dial-in, you can easily add them to your call by dialing their phone number using the dial-out feature directly from your account. No international charges from your local phone company occurs because your are calling through your conferencing account

Connect App
Join the call using the free Wifi Connect App.  It works with iPhone, Android, PC or IOS.  No access numbers need to be dialed.