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T1 versus DSL | Shop for T1


T1 versus DSL | Shop for T1

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T1 versus DSL - Is a T1 connection better than a DSL connection?

A more appropriate question might be..............
"Is a T1 connection "more suitable" than a DSL connection?

A T1 connection and a DSL connection both offer bandwidth at high
speed but have two factors that greatly differentiate them from one
another. Those factors are price and reliability.

A DSL connection has a low price and is less reliable than a T1
connection. A T1 is much more expensive than a DSL connection
but is also much more reliable.

So are you looking for reliability or price? Reliability becomes critical
when customers or employees depend on your connection for
immediate responses.

If your customers use your connection to access your databases
or your server or the Internet then reliability of your connection is
critical. If your employees depend on your connections because you
host the e-mail server in house or host web servers, your connections
is considered critical.

A critical connection can be viewed much like a life line, without
which your business would be negatively impacted. Your monthly
savings of having a sub-par connections will not make up for the
loss in productivity of your employees or loss of customers when
your DSL connections gets bogged down or cut off.

To reiterate, critical connections should be supported with a T1

Many customers are extremely price sensitive and cannot afford
the cost of a T1 which can be as much as 20 times more expensive
than a full T1 connection.

Residential customers who are most sensitive to price should not
consider a T1 connection unless then have a business reason to pay
for such a circuit and cannot access DSL service.

You may get lucky and find a T1 connections that is low cost which
would give you both price and reliability but be careful.

Many T1's sold for less than $600 are not truly dedicated circuits and
are over-subscribed.

In short, if price is your critical factor go with DSL. If reliability is
the critical factor purchase a dedicated T1.
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T1 versus DSL | Shop for T1

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T1 versus DSL | Shop for T1


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