DS1 Service for Less Than $500 | Shop for T1

DS1 Service for Less Than $500 | Shop for T1


DS1 Service for Less Than $500 | Shop for T1


DS1 Service for Less Than $500

Finding DS1 service in your area can be a challenge.
If you don't know the local providers you would likely start
with your local phone company (and likely get a horrible deal).

When searching for a service it's important to know which
providers have POP's (Point of Presence) in your area but
for some reason service providers don't like to reveal this

If a DS1 line is in your near future, take the guesswork out
of your search and contact a broker. Brokers are able to
contact numerous providers in the time it would take you to
have a conversation with one or two providers that may not
even offer service in your area. Want a line for under $500?

Let your broker know this and he or she will know to point
you only in the direction of such companies that offer a
service at this price.

We recommend the use of brokers in the search for service
and we also recommend using a broker to sign up for your
service. Many people believe they can "beat the system" by
contacting a broker to get pricing and other information as
quickly as possible and will then go straight to the carrier
believing they can get better service.

This "end-run" process is actually a good way to cut yourself
out of some of the biggest advantages of having a broker.

Brokers don't mark up the price of services. They offer the
same price you would get if you did go direct to the company.

The advantage of ordering through a broker is that you will get
a second channel of customer service. If the company is not
performing to expectation you will always be able to go back
to your broker who puts a significant volume through the carrier.

A broker is much more likely to get the companies attention
and have your problem solved. In our opinion, a broker is the
only way to go.
Let us provide you with instant quotes.

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Shop for T1 | DS1 Service for Less Than $500


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DS1 Service for Less Than $500 | Shop for T1