T1 Life in the Fast Lane | Shop for T1

T1 Life in the Fast Lane | Shop for T1


T1 Life in the Fast Lane | Shop for T1

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T1 Internet - Life in the Fast Lane

Ever used a T1 Internet connection? Upgrading to this
level of service is like going from an old used car to a
new sports car. You'll feel the speed immediately!

While both T1 and DSL connections claim to have a speed
of 1.5Mbps, the former actually delivers it's claim.

DSL and cable connections are severely oversubscribed
and cannot always deliver the bandwidth they project
especially at peak hours.

Ready to feel the difference? You may have already if your
office has critical applications that use the web.

If your office hosts e-mail, web servers or more than 20
people on Internet access you most likely already have
a dedicated T1 connection. If not, get one fast!!

A T1 Internet connection is ideal because of it's reliability.
Not only is it not oversubscribed, it also has low latency
which mean fewer delays.

Latency becomes critical in applications like video on demand,
web conferencing, and gaming. While the latter may not seem
so important, gamers require some of the best Internet
connections and are a good source for information on the top
Internet products available.

If you're ready to move into the fast lane or to put your office
on a reliable connection that you should have anyway,
get some advise from a broker that deals in T1 services.

Brokers don't mark up the price of services. They offer
the same price you would get if you did go direct to
the company.

The advantage of ordering through a broker is that you
will get a second channel of customer service. If the
company is not performing to expectation you will always
be able to go back to your broker who puts a significant
volume through the carrier.

A broker is much more likely to get the companies attention
and have your problem solved. In our opinion, a broker is
the only way to go.

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T1 Life in the Fast Lane | Shop for T1

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T1 Life in the Fast Lane | Shop for T1

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T1 Life in the Fast Lane | Shop for T1

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