The Art of Pricing a T1 Line | Shop for T1

The Art of Pricing a T1 Line | Shop for T1


The Art of Pricing a T1 Line | Shop for T1

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The Art of Pricing a T1 Line

While some people may enjoy a trip to the local shopping mall,
shopping for telecommunication services like a T1 line has never
been fun.

If you happen to be looking for a dedicated voice line you may
call the local phone company. Chances are you'll be passed
around to three or four different people who can't handle your
request for a T1 line.

When you finally speak with someone who can answer your
questions you'll go through a litany of questions that don't get
to the point of your call which is, "How much do I have to pay".

A step up from a call to the local phone company is the use of
a broker or agent. An independent agent can help reduce the
number of phone calls by asking you the questions once and
searching through multiple providers to get the service that is
right for you.

The agent helps steer clear of the bias you will receive when
speaking with one vendor as the agent will be paid no matter
which service you choose. If you happen to be searching for
a dedicated voice T1, the agent will give you quotes for
dedicated voice T1's for multiple service providers.

Still, the agent has a shortcoming in that there is typically a
delay between the time you have your conversation and the
time you get your information. This can take a day or two.

Why not have the best of both worlds? An agent who carried
no bias for one particular carrier AND immediate feedback!

While this was not possible a few months ago, we have found
a T1 line provider than can offer real-time quotes through its
agents. A real time quote give you information NOW.

There is no waiting to find pricing. Simply enter your information
compare pricing immediately. Real time pricing will do for
telecommunications shopping what Expedia and Travelocity
did for travel. So why wait?

If you're searching for a T1 line make sure you use a broker
that can help you with your search in real time.

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The Art of Pricing a T1 Line | Shop for T1

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The Art of Pricing a T1 Line | Shop for T1


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The Art of Pricing a T1 Line | Shop for T1

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