Secrets of Fractional T1 | Shop for T1

Secrets of Fractional T1 | Shop for T1


Secrets of Fractional T1 | Shop for T1

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Secrets of Fractional T1

If a full T1 isn't in your budget, you need to consider a
fractional T1 line. Why not get all the advantages of T1
even if your not in a market for a full T1?

For many people the biggest factor in their decision is
reliability and if reliability is critical to the applications you
run over your connection you should seriously consider
replacing your DSL connection with a fractional T1.

DSL is a quick and cost effective method of acquiring high
speed bandwidth however it is not intended to support
commercial applications or large numbers of users as
are T1 connections.

One drawback to fractional T1 service is the price. Even
though you won't have a full T1 you will be paying quite
a bit more than you did for your DSL connection. This is
due to the structure of T1 pricing.

A T1 connections is established by providing a "loop" or
wire from the users premises to the CO where the service
provider has equipment.

Part of the cost of a T1 is the "loop charge" or the monthly
rental fee for the wire that is rented from the local phone
company. Once the connection reaches the CO it can
access the carriers network and reach any destination.

This loop is paid in full whether you use a fraction of the
available bandwidth or the full 1.5Mbps and therefore your
price for a 768Kbps fractional T1 connection will never be
half the price of a 1.5mbps full T1 connection.

Although the price reduction is not what you might expect
it to be, this may put a T1 in your budget and be a great
way to get dedicated service into your building. Once you
have fractional service upgrading to full service is easy.

Fractional service typically comes in 256Kbps increments
from 256Kbps all the way to a full T1 at 1.5Mbps. Find the
service that's right for you, but if you are supporting critical
services think reliability.

Reliability becomes critical when customers or employees
depend on your connection for immediate responses. If your
customers use your connection to access your databases
or your server or the Internet then reliability of your connection
is critical.

If your employees depend on your connections because you
host the e-mail server in house or host web servers or ASP
type products, your connections is considered critical.

A critical connection can be viewed much like a lifeline,
without which your business would be negatively impacted.

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Secrets of Fractional T1 | Shop for T1

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Secrets of Fractional T1 | Shop for T1


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