T1 Provider Top 10 List | Shop for T1

T1 Provider Top 10 List | Shop for T1


T1 Provider Top 10 List | Shop for T1

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T1 Provider Top 10 List

While Dave Letterman may never read this list on his show,
we've created a Top 10 list of T1 Internet Providers.

In our review of service providers we considered realiabiltiy,
customer support, provisioning and financial stability. In our
opinion a top provider of services will have a high rating in
each of the catagories.

Unfortunately some of the providers we found were regional
providers and may not be near you but two of them are so
good you may just want to move closer to be on their network!

The top company in our survey was Telepacific.

The only downside to this company is the fact that they only
offer service in California and Las Vegas. Telepacific received
top marks in all four or our categories and is what we
recommend most to customers in California.

The second carrier in our list was USLEC. Like our fist pick
USLEC is a regional player offering services in the south and
on the eastern seaboard. USLEC was founded and is run by

These people have a passion for getting it right and keeping
their customers happy.

Number three on our list is New Edge Networks. New Edge is
a national player found predominantly in metro areas. New Edge
is large enough to be a strong player but still small enough to
treat customers like a small company.

Our number four position goes to Netifice, formerly Epoch.
Again, a small Tier 1 player but excellent service nationwide.

Number five position goesto ACC Business. Available
everywhere in the continental US, ACC used the ATT network
exclusively and provides a high level of service.

Positions six through ten when in the following order:
Telarus, Sprint, Xspedius, PNG, and Megapath. When looking
for a reliable provider you should be comfortable with any of
these. Make sure you speak to your broker about the strengths
and weaknesses of each carrier.

While our rankings were based evenly on the four criteria
mentioned at the beginning of the article you may decide that
some criteria are more important to you than others.

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T1 Provider Top 10 List | Shop for T1

T1 Service Providers

T1 Provider Top 10 List | Shop for T1


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T1 Provider Top 10 List | Shop for T1

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