T1 Internet Connection Basics | Shop for T1

T1 Internet Connection Basics | Shop for T1


T1 Internet Connection Basics | Shop for T1

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T1 Internet Connection Basics

At the most fundamental level, a T1 Internet connection
is the link from your data infrastructure to the rest of the world.

A T1 connection is sometimes referred to as a "dedicated service"
as the service is delivered to and from the customer premise from
the CO (Central Office) without combining it with other traffic.

A T1 connection is established by providing a "loop" or wire from
the users premises to the CO where the service provider has

Part of the cost of a T1 is the "loop charge" or the monthly rental
fee for the wire that is rented from the local phone company.
Once the connection reaches the CO it can access the carriers
network and reach any destination.

While understanding the service may be somewhat straightforward,
getting the service implemented is not always so easy. Like any
business decision, a switch in T1 providers should be properly

You probably don't have time to listen to all carriers sales pitches
that you should in order to get the best service, however. Consider
shopping in real time by using a broker at ShopforT1.

While a broker is always a time saver in telecom shopping, we have
made it even easier to shop for T1 service by introducing the first
real-time bandwidth and loop calculator.

With real-time information you'll be able to quickly analyze service
plans in your area and determine what is right for you. The people
at ShopforT1 have created a system that equalizes the carriers
and makes them easier to compare by laying them out side by side
and showing the features of each service.
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T1 Internet Connection Basics

T1 Service Providers

T1 Internet Connection Basics

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T1 Internet Connection Basics | Shop for T1

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