Conference Call optional set up features

Included Free Set Up Options

The free options listed below can be set up per your request now or modified at any time after account activation.


Name Announce Feature

As an option, you can request that the 'name announce' feature be enabled on your account. Once 'name announce' is enabled, when the participant logs into the conference call, he/she will be asked to say their name. Our system records the name.

The 'leader' or moderator can then enter the keypad command [# 8] and hear a private roster of who has logged in. There is no limit as to how many times this can be done during the conference call.

The alternate version of the 'name announce' feature announces the participant to the entire conference call.

Auto Hang Up Feature

With this feature enabled, once the moderator or leader hangs up from the conference, the entire call is disconnected. Optionally, you can disable this feature so that the conference call can continue even after the moderator hangs up by having the feature disabled by customer service.

Be aware, that if the Moderator plans on using a cell phone or a VoIP line when he/she logs into the conference call and this feature is enabled, any disconnection of the Moderator's phone will cause the conference call to disconnect everyone. If this occurs, all participants would need to dial back in.

For example: if the Moderator is using a cell phone and for some unknown reason the cellular network drops the call, the conference call would be disconnected because the conferencing bridge thinks the conference call is over.

Another example: if the moderator uses a VoIP phone to moderate the call and the VoIP network that the Moderator is using has a significant packet loss or the call is dropped by the VoIP system, the conference call will be completely disconnected because the system believes the conference call is over.

The solution is to call customer service and ask that this feature be turned on or off when required. In other words, if you intend to host a conference call using your cell phone or a VoIP phone, you may want to contact customer service and ask that the 'auto hang up' feature be disabled for the call you are about to host. This will prevent all participants from needing to dial back in if your 'moderator' phone line connection drops.

If the Moderator is using a standard fixed landline, this is typically not an issue.

Music On Hold

Participants who arrive early to a conference call will hear music. The conference call begins when the leader logs in. Music stops upon leader login.

Beep Tones Feature

A single beep indicates someone has joined the conference.
double beep indicates someone has left the conference.
During the course of the conference, you may hear beeps.

After your account is activated, you can easily request modifications to these options by calling or emailing customer service.

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