Free Optional Features That Can Be Enabled or Disabled

Name Announce Feature

As an option, you can request that the 'name announce' feature be enabled on your account. Once 'name announce' is enabled, when the participant logs into the conference call, he/she will be asked to say their name. Our system records the name.
The 'leader' or moderator can then enter the keypad command [# 8] and hear a
private roster of who has logged in. There is no limit as to how many times this can be done during the conference call.

The alternate version of the 'name announce' feature announces the participant to the entire conference call.

Auto Hang Up Feature

With this feature enabled, once the moderator or leader hangs up from the conference, the entire call is disconnected. Optionally, you can disable this feature so that the conference call can continue even after the moderator hangs up.

Music On Hold

Until the leader logs in to the conference, the participants who have arrived early, will hear music. The conference call begins and the music stops when the leader logs in with the leader PIN.

Beep Tones Feature

A single beep indicates someone has joined the conference.
double beep indicates someone has left the conference.
During the course of the conference, you may hear beeps.

After your account is activated, you can easily request modifications to these options by calling or emailing customer service.

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