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Cheap PC to Phone Calls


Save on country-to-country calls with your PC

PC to Phone VoIP Service

If you have Internet access and a headset, you can make cheap calls using your broadband Internet connection.

As an option, you can use your own telephone with the addition of a phone adapter.

You can also order a local phone number for unlimited '
inbound' calls.

Save Money with PC to Phone
See sign up form for the country/city selections.

Service Options - Outgoing Calls:

If you want to make only outgoing calls, choose "Outgoing Calls Only" on the sign up form; you will only pay a low per minute rate for the calls you make.

Outgoing and Incoming Calls:

If you want to receive calls as well, choose "Incoming & Outgoing Calls" on the sign up form, and then select a private U.S. phone number or select a country and province of the phone number you desire for VOIP phone service. In other words, get a phone number that your callers can call locally. Choose from numbers in many countries, worldwide. You'll get unlimited incoming calls.

For incoming calls, you'll need to pay a set up and a monthly fee for the phone number you choose. For outgoing calls, pay a low per minute rate.

Unlimited Incoming Calls

Unlimited incoming and in-network calls are included with this option at no additional cost.

Download Free Softphone

It's easy to sign-up and to use, requiring no change to your telephone carrier or ISP, and calls are as secure as the ones you make from your normal telephone service.

There are no hidden fees or taxes added. Actual per minute charges are billed to your credit card at the end of the month.

Download the free VoIP Softphone to make or receive calls using your computer or purchase one of our VoIP adapters if you prefer to use a handset for your incoming and outgoing calls.

The country you are calling determines the rate per minute.
The location of your PC does not affect the rates.

Click here to view rates

Benefits of VoIP Soft-Phone - PC to Phone

  • All major international credit cards accepted
  • Outbound calling and unlimited inbound calls
  • Unlimited incoming calls
  • Download Free softphone
  • Optionally use your telephone using a phone adapter
  • We ship phone adapters to most countries
  • The lowest rates for worldwide calling
  • Actual usage billed to credit card monthly
  • No callback procedure, just dial-out
  • No minimum usage requirement
  • No surcharges
  • No taxes
  • Manage your account online

Global VoIP Connect enables Cheap PC to Phone Calls globally.

PC to Phone lets you take advantage of your PC or Mac to get incredible international phone call rates.

You can make cheap phone calls to any telephone number - domestic, international or mobile -- directly from your computer AND navigate the Web at the same time.

Sample rates calling from your country, to the countries below:

VoIP Example Rates

Click here for ALL rates

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PC to Phone VoIP Service | Take advantage of your PC to Save on International Calls

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PC to Phone account


PC to Phone VoIP Service | Take advantage of your PC to Save on International Calls

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PC to Phone VoIP Service | Take advantage of your PC to Save on International Calls

Start Making Calls and Saving Money


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