How to Make an International Call

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AIT offers two versions of international calling plans:

Both plans enable you to make cheap international calls from your cell phone or landline.

How to Make an International Call with Global Call Connect
1   Dial the Global Call Connect access number, for example our toll free access number, 1 800 390 2475, or a local number that corresponds to the location where you are calling FROM.

Your account will be automatically recognized by our system because of the Caller ID from your phone which is transmitted to our computers.
(You must have an account activated to use this service).

2   Now you'll be prompted to enter the phone number you wish to call. Your call is immediately processed at Global Call Connect rates instead of the international rates charged by your cell phone or long distance service provider. This service 'dials-around' any existing service you currently use.

Usage charges are applied to your credit card at the end of the month.

A link to the access numbers are sent to you upon account activation by email, toll free and non toll free.

Use Global Call Connect from your landline phones
In addition to your cell phone, you can get the same extremely low international rates using your landline phones too. Register you mobile phone, home phone and business lines.

 How do you get this service ?

Simply complete the sign up form. Your account will be activated and user instructions emailed to you.


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How to Make an International Call


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