India Virtual Workplace enables video conferencing, text chat, document-sharing all in one place.
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India virtual meeting service. Your logo and domain. Collaborate with associates located in India or any country.

Join an India Virtual Meeting. No phone numbers to dial.


  • It runs in a standard web browser and utilizes each participant’s webcam, onboard speakers and microphone.


  • There are no downloads or software installations required.


Attendees simply click on a link to join your meeting.


No office in India required, just a computer.

Work together your way
  • Whatever you need, enable a set of tools that allows you to cultivate any relationship inside your own online workspace with your logo and domain, no other branding will exist.
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Custom Branded Workplace
Customize with Your Logo and Domain

Make a statement about your brand

Out of the box, you have control of the primary colors of your space, logo, favicon, fonts, themes, and more. Making these changes is simple, easy, and instantaneous. That means you can see the personality of your space as you build it.

Customizing the look and feel of your online collaboration and meeting space makes it easy to own your content and even easier to own your online relationships as well. It's been said that consistent clear branding is the key to customer loyalty.

Not to mention it's fun!

A CSS command line, built in

We have custom CSS for people who want full control

Want even more control over the look and feel of your workspace? You have a custom code editor where adding CSS commands can make a space that is true to your brand messaging. Show off your style!

(CSS is there for you. Of course you would not want to use it unless you know what you're doing)
Unlimited Collaboration Rooms
Unlimited Rooms

"Create a perfect breakout room-..." When working with a highly skilled team on a unified goal it often becomes necessary to break into smaller groups to increase efficiency, utilize time better, and ultimately have a more productive collaboration experience.

You can create loads of rooms for whatever you need. Rooms can be used for collaborating on notes, hosting smaller special interest meetings, individual customer rooms where all of their documents and info can be kept, and more.

Notes, Text, Chat, Broadcast

You can hold one-on-one video calls, group sessions, even host a webinar, or run streamed Twitch-like programming.

Virtual Workplace Rooms augment the collaboration experience and give your team a place for anything you desire.
Notes, Files, Centralized
Taking notes, meh. However, they are invaluable when working with a team on a shared goal.

Make it easy. You can have a designated place for all of your team's notes and memos. Share documents, files, videos, links, and more, with those who matter. All in one place. Your place.

Edit everything right in the page you meet in.

With the built-in Block Editor, you've got options. Making it easy as ever to display the content you want the way you want.

This editor is built to give the most flexibility when building out spaces, with content that lets them hear you.
HIPAA Compliant

Privacy As A Core Feature


  • Not just an empty talking point


HIPAA compliant video chats. Encrypted file storage. Secure text chat.


Take your data with you when you leave, well destroy the copies.


Seriously Your Guests are yours, your content is yours, your data is yours, not ours.


We track nothing

India Virtual Meeting Workplace Enables Global Collaboration


  • Of the many India cities, the most popular for expatriates are Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, and New Delhi. Any of these cities provide adequate broadband to facilitate the connectivity to join a Virtual Meeting.


  • Use example - a UAE based expatriate who frequently needs to communicate with his business partners in the US, Singapore, China, and Netherlands uses our Virtual Workplace tool for global video conferencing and text chat sessions.


  • Joining a meeting is a simple matter of clicking on a link.


  • There are no international access phone numbers to dial and there are no downloads to install.


Enjoy a modern cloud-based virtual workplace.



Create unlimited collaboration spaces, communities, events, video conferences and text and chat at your own space using your own business domain, logo and content.

Privacy As A Core Feature

Not just an empty talking point


  • HIPAA compliant video chats. Encrypted file storage. Secure text chat


  • Take your data with you when you leave, we’ll destroy the copies — Seriously


  • Your Guests are yours, your content is yours, your data is yours, not ours. We track nothing
HIPAA Compliant
India Branded Virtual Meeting Service for Long Term or Temporary Communications Requirements

Since our India virtual meeting service is offered on a month-to-month basis, it can be used for long or short-term assignments and projects.

As an example, a energy consultant from Netherlands will be in India for a 2 month project and needs a convenient, cost-effective way to communicate with his Netherlands based office and associates during his India assigment.

His office has ordered the Virtual Workplace service for him to use.

Each week, he will share project recommendations, details, photographs and documents and provide status updates to his company.

He can also join a video conference call with his Netherlands based company and use the text chat feature with his associates or anyone else he invites globally.

When using the Virtual Workplace service, there's no country access phone numbers to dial and no reason to get an international operator involved.

To join together with his team, he simply sends an email to the invitees and requests that everyone login to the URL (link) he sends to them at the time agreed upon.

The attendees will join him using either their web enabled laptop, desktop or mobile phone with onboard camera, microphone and speakers to participate.
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