Ethernet and Gigabit | 15 second Metro Ethernet Provider Search in Your Locale

Ethernet and Gigabit | 15 second Metro Ethernet Provider Search



Ethernet and Gigabit | 15 second Metro Ethernet Provider Search in Your Locale

View the top telecom carriers offering metro ethernet in Your Locale

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How does this instant online search tool work?

You enter your building address.

You will see a Google map with your location.

You'll see markers of surrounding buildings that have been 'already lit' by the major telecom service providers.
(or you may not see any marker which means no service available in your building).

After your search results, if you would like to learn more, you can enter you contact information and receive a call from our staff of Ethernet service experts and a free consultation for your Ethernet WAN requirements.

Sample Map - Ethernet and Gigabit 15 second search

Ethernet and Gigabit
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Metro Ethernet Provider Search in Your Locale

We have created a one-stop-shop interface that will allow you to see real-time availability in your area, in 15 seconds !

Partcipating Carriers Include:

TW Telecom

This instant Metro Ethernet quote system will search for all available 'already lit' buildings at your location in 15 seconds, anywhere in the U.S.

What is Metro Ethernet ?

Ethernet is plugging your network directly into a telecom provider's network.

When you bypass the local phone company you cut out an expensive transport step.

Having direct access to customers is a carrier's goal as it allows them to control the user's experience from end to end while reducing cost.

These savings are passed on to you.

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"The market for managed metro Ethernet services is expected to grow by 30 per cent a year until 2011, when it will top $25 billion worldwide."

Infonetics Research - July 2007

Pre-negotiated, deeply discounted agreements with carriers and service providers create major savings for AIT's customer.
We continue to add money saving solutions that fit the high quality standards our customers have come to expect.

Participating Carriers - Metro Ethernet

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