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List of Typical Cell Phone Features

Now with the cellular phones that are available you can get more value, more features and more service.
Cellular phones let you get more from your life with services allowing you to personalize your phone, entertain yourself, and communicate with friends and family by voice, pictures, email or text messages. Your phone can look and sound as unique as you are.
Keep in mind that not every cell phone will have all these features, but likely a combination.
Caller ID
This feature lets you know who's calling by displaying the number of the party on your phone.

 Call Waiting and Call Hold
So you never miss an important call,
you can accept a second incoming call with out losing the original connection, then switch back and forth between two.

 Conference Calling
Three way conference calling allows you to conduct a call with two other parties simultaneously. You can use this feature while roaming outside your coverage area.

 Call Forwarding
This feature allows you to forward your calls to any number you choose. Remember that while calls are being forwarded to another number they will not be routed to voicemail.
 Voicemail with Message Alert
If you are not available to answer your phone, voicemail systems offers your caller the option to record a voice
message that you can play back at your convenience, or to send a numeric message to your phone. Phones are programmed to forward calls to your voicemail when your line is busy or when you are not available.
Phone Directory
You can store lists of names and phone numbers or e-mails addresses in you phones electronic phonebook. You can view these entries and call then directly from your phone. 

Alarm Reminders
Reminders are alerts the ring or vibrate to notify you about a voicemail or text message you have received, or a date book event you have scheduled. 

You can use your phone as a convenient calculator and a currency converter.

Automatic Call Delivery
A service feature that allows a user to receive calls when roaming outside of the phone's home coverage area.
Hands-Free Speakerphone
A feature of some wireless phones that allow the users to talk and listen to calls without holding the phone against their head.

Roam Indicator
Appears when your phone uses another network system outside your home network. When you leave your home network area, your phone roams or seeks another network.

Message Indicator
This indicates when you have an active chat session, or when you have a new voice or text message waiting.

Automatic Redial
When automatic redial is turned on; your phone automatically makes a number of redial attempts until the call goes through. When the call goes through, your phone rings or vibrates on time, displays the message redial successful, and then connects the call.

Dialing an emergency number
Your service provider programs one or more emergency phone numbers that you can call under any circumstances. You can dial and call the emergency number even when your phone is locked.

Date Book
The date book is a calendar that lets you schedule and organize events such as appointments and meetings. You can review your scheduled of events for the week or by the day, and have the date book play a reminder alarm for specific events.

Mobile Internet
A web micro-browser alerts you access web pages and web-based applications (such as on-line banking, shopping, and games) on your phone.

Pictures, games and sounds
You can download a file such as a ring tone, wallpaper, screensaver, motomixer file, game upgrade, or theme to your phone. You can download files with the browser on a desktop computer or your phone.

AOL Instant Messenger
AOL instant messenger (AIM) lets you exchange short messages with people who have signed on, either their phones or PCs.

Speed Dialing
When you store an entry in your phonebook, it is assigned a unique speed dial number. You can then use the speed dial feature to call the entry.

One Touch Dialing
You can call phone book entries with the push of a single key. This makes calling out on your cellular phone that much easier.

Car Phone Charger
An adapter that lets you uses power from your car's battery to use and recharge your wireless phone. The adapter plugs into the cigarette lighter outlet in your car. Also referred to as a Car Charger.

Blocking a Call
Call blocking or barring lets you restrict outgoing or incoming calls. You can restrict all calls, calls to international numbers, or calls while roaming, or all calls but home.

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