Cell Phone Etiquette | Being Courteous

Cell Phone Etiquette | Being Courteous



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Proper Cell Phone Etiquette and
Being Courteous

Do you get annoyed when you have to listen to people's cell phone conversations? Cell phones have been around for more than 10 years but have only recently become widely used. Obnoxious tunes and beeps can interrupt your dinner at a restaurant, your movie and can be a big distraction at the office.

Everyone seems to have different personal rules of when and how they should use a cell phone. As a cell phone user, how can you avoid being thought of as offensive ?

Try following these simple etiquette guidelines to continue taking pleasure in the convenience of cell phones.

When riding on public transportation, try to avoid loud and eccentric conversations by keeping your voice low or to a relaxed, normal level. Be sure to always avoid extensive phone calls.

There is a rule of thumb when talking on a cell phone and that is to maintain at least a 10-foot zone from anyone while talking. We all know that this would be virtually impossible while riding a subway or train. So be aware of your environment. Also, keep ringer volume to a minimal.

Make it less intrusive by using the silent or vibration modes if you must carry your phone with you. Let incoming calls roll over to voice mail when it's inappropriate to take a call. Remember, it costs you the same cellular minutes if someone calls you or you call them.

If you are attending any type of public gatherings, don't interrupt them by letting the sounds of your cell phone ringing. These days, it's almost impossible to catch a movie or grab a bite to eat at a restaurant without having the experience broken up by the sound of a cell phone ringing.

Never talk in theaters, libraries, elevators, museums, dentist or doctor waiting rooms, restaurants, churches or other enclosed community spaces, such as hospital emergency rooms or buses. If you have to make a call, make sure to take it to another area that will be less disrupting.

Don't make a call during a date.

It's rude and offensive - unless of course you want to send you date a signal that you are not interested. If you foresee yourself absolutely having to make or receive a call while the two of you are out, then lay the groundwork by mentioning it early on in the evening. Know when to turn it off or vibrate it.

Always follow the rules about wireless phone use in hospitals or on airplanes. These places have their own type of radio waves and outside interference such as a cell phone could interfere with the signals or other sensitive equipment. Be sure to adhere to all posted signs and instructions in such places.

Cell phones are easy to use and are cheap to use. Don't abuse others with your cell phone use in public - avoid the dirty looks and commenets - follow our simple guidelines for the proper cell phone etiquette in any area.

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Cell Phone Etiquette | Being Courteous

Cell Phone Etiquette | Being Courteous

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Cell Phone Etiquette | Being Courteous

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