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Cell Phone Plan | New Cell Phones - The Benefit



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New Cell Phones - The Benefit

There are several cellular phone shopping options for your cellular needs. You can choose to purchase a new cellular phone, get a refurbished or used phone, or even rent a cell phone.

It's nice to have options, but to us the only true cellular solution is to always buy a brand new cell phone.

Even though a used phone may be cheaper, the extra hassles it creates are not worth the perceived savings. To start cellular phone shopping, enter your zip code: Compare Cingular, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon and more!

New cell phones - a good deal includes them in a plan. Back in the early 1990's, used cell phones were a viable cellular option. No longer. Back then, phones cost as much as $200 per unit, and if you could get a used phone on the cheap it was worth it.

Today, a good cellular deal will already include a new cellular phone in your plan. It could actually cost more money to buy a used phone. If you search ebay, there are several used or refurbished phones available for sale. We still can't believe people actually try and sell their used phone.

Just like a used car, used and refurbished cell phone create many problems and come with a lot of baggage.

First, never, ever buy a refurbished cell phone. These phones have either been broken and later fixed, parts have been removed and replaced, the phone old. The only reason that we can figure out why someone would buy a refurbished cell phone is if the unit was maybe collectible or rare model ? (if they exist).
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Used cell phones are a nightmare - or worse. Yes, some cellular companies will assign new cell phone numbers to a 'bring your own' cell phone and assign a plan. But clearing out old address books, downloaded ringtones, cellular games is a major league hassle.

If you travel a lot or hardly use a cell phone, you may want to think about renting a cell phone. If you travel all over the united states, renting a cell phone is not needed if you get a nationwide cell phone provider with national minutes. If you are going to different countries, you can rent cell phones for the day or week. It can get expensive.

This is an extreme option, and we feel renting is not a good solution if you intend to use your cell phone in the United States.

In summary, the only true cellular option is to get a new cell phone. Prices are so cheap, a new cellular phone are usually included in a plan.

Since the new phone is free, it's the way to go.

In the next few seconds, you can view all of the cell phone deals and plans offered in your area by simply entering your zip code here.

» Cell Phones - Best U.S. Cell Phone Offers
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Cell Phone Plan - New Cell Phones - The Benefit

Cell Phone Plan | New Cell Phones - The Benefit

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