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Thousands of different area code choices inside the US, Canada and a multitude of virtual numbers in 150+ countries.

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Business Use

International Call Forwarding - BenefitsRegardless of where you or your business is located, you can now own a private USA or an international phone number in your choice of available countries.

You can own a call forwarding number and distribute it to your global clients, send it to family or associates.

The service will allow your callers to reach you at any worldwide phone number you desire, cell phone or landline, globally.

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Personal Use

If you travel to different countries on a regular basis, CallMyGlobalNumber service allows you to give your associates, family and friends a unique U.S. or global number which will send their calls to you at any of the phone numbers you desire.

Major Features
  • RollOver Option - accumulate unused plan minutes for future use
  • Attended Call Transfer - transfer the call to another person or extension
  • Time of Day Routing - redirect calls based on time of day
  • Outbound Calling Option with Caller ID override
  • Simultaneous Call Processing - multiple calls no busy signals
  • Call Record Option - automatically record calls to your specs
  • Fax Forwarding - faxes automatically emailed to you
  • Customized Greeting - record a custom greeting
  • Use it to forward mobile phone calls to another country
  • Forwarding your calls from your existing landline phone line
  • Local Ring Tones - control the ring tone your callers will hear with 40 choices
  • Caller ID - Optionally select Original Caller's ID or the new Virtual Number ID
  • No fees for busy or incomplete calls
Select your own International Phone Number, Toll Free or Local
  • Choose a local number from our network of more than 2500 U.S. area codes and Toll Free numbers in any of 150+ countries.

  • Callers dial your local number and reach you on your landline or mobile phone, wherever you are in the world.

  • Your callers in their local calling city dial your assigned CallMyGlobalNumber and can pay local rates to reach you.

  • Stay in constant contact. You can change your 'ring to' phone number at any time, through the Internet when you travel to different locations.

  • Choose from a large worldwide selection of virtual phone numbers.

  • Your calls can be forwarded to your cell phone or a fixed landline phone in any country.

  • There are no connection fees or charges for busy or incomplete calls when you use the call forwarding service.

  • Account usage is billed to a major credit card monthly. No taxes are added.

  • You will receive a monthly statement by e-mail or login, your choice, with all call details and monthly usage dates, times, costs, etc.

  • We offer excellent customer service and as a customer, you will receive individual attention from our trained staff.

  • You have online access to many customer account management features.

  • You can receive International calls from USA callers or from callers in any country to your existing 'ring to' number located anywhere.

  • Benefit from low international phone rates while enjoying high quality connections, this is not a VoIP service and has clear PSTN quality.

  • Signing up for the service is easy and there is no contract. The service is month-to-month.

Gain a presence in any of 150 countries with a local phone number. Your calls can be diverted to a landline, mobile phone or VoIP in any country

Travel to different countries and have your calls follow you.

This service allows you to provide your associates, family and friends a unique U.S. or global number which will send their calls to you at any phone number you desire.

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Call My Global Number Benefits

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