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As the world’s fourth largest economy, it’s hard to ignore Germany as a potential market for your business’s goods and services. With a population of more than 81 million consumers, Germany is also the largest consumer market in the EU. It’s a diverse market that tends to favor innovative, high-tech products.

If you’re thinking of breaking into the Germany market, make sure that your potential business partners and customers have a convenient means of contacting your business by phone. Using virtual telephone numbers in Germany is a smart, cost-effective choice. Here’s what you need to know about virtual phone numbers in Germany.

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  • Toll free, national, and city-specific virtual numbers for Germany are available. Determine whether you want a toll free number, which would work throughout Germany yet ring to a phone in another country, or a city-specific one such as Berlin or Aurich. Either way, your contacts will recognize the number as being a German phone number. This can change their perception of your business, giving it a more local flavor, as well as overcome cost concerns your callers may have about calling a foreign phone number.
  • There’s no need to sign up for the long haul. If you’re simply exploring the German marketplace, it may not make sense to sign up for a two-, three-, or five-year plan. In fact, you may need your Germany virtual phone number for a month or even less. Our month-to-month virtual number plans are perfect both for short-term and long-term calling requirements.
  • Call quality can be exceptional (if you choose wisely). Our virtual numbers for Germany and every other country we serve are routed over a PSTN fiberoptic telecommunications network for the best sound quality and reliability available. Other cheap international virtual phone number services often rely on VoIP networks, and call quality suffers as a result. If you want to make sure your customers and service agents can hear one another without interference, dropouts, line noise, stutters, and other QoS issues, you’ll appreciate the investments we’ve made to power our service.
  • International virtual phone numbers are an affordable way to communicate internationally. Take a look at our toll free, national, and city-specific virtual numbers plans for Germany and you’ll immediately see that our virtual phone numbers are an affordable choice. Our rates are amazingly competitive, and you are never locked into a contract.
  • Virtual phone numbers for Germany include a variety of advanced features. Our virtual phone numbers do more than just route calls around the globe, they also include advanced features such as automated voice response, voice mail boxes, personalized greetings, country specific call forwarding, local ring tones, and more. Plus, you can add on optional features like call recording and rollover minutes.

Whether you’re thinking of doing business in Germany, have an existing business serving the market, or will be traveling to Germany, getting a virtual phone number using one of our month-to-month plans is a great choice.

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