Using Virtual Phone Numbers in Canada

Toronto Ontario Canada imageDoing business in a large country like Canada often requires the use of a toll free phone number in order to handle incoming calls from coast to coast.

While getting a toll free number is highly recommended, you may also want to use virtual phone numbers in Canada.

Below are a few reasons to consider using virtual phone numbers in Canada.

  • Virtual Canadian phone numbers make your business look local. For example, if your main office is in New York, but you serve the entire Canadian market, you could order virtual phone numbers for cities across Canada and configure them so that all incoming calls are routed to your New York office. Having Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and Brampton phone numbers would make it look as though you have local offices in each of those cities.
  • Virtual Canada phone numbers reduce concerns about calling another city or country. Though long distance rates have fallen, many people remain hesitant about dialing another city or country. By setting up virtual phone numbers in Canada, you can eliminate these concerns. Your callers in Montreal will recognize a Montreal prefix and be able to call you without worrying about where you might be located. You can even get a virtual toll free number for Canada and route your calls to any country in the world. Again, your Canadian callers won’t think twice about making a call because they’ll recognize the toll free nature of the phone number.
  • With virtual phone numbers for Canada, you can centralize your call center. Though you may have dozens of virtual phone numbers across Canada, you can set your virtual numbers up so that they ring to a central location such as your main office or a contracted call center. There’s no need to rent and staff offices in cities across the country.
  • You can configure your Canada virtual numbers to perform advanced functions. Our virtual numbers come with several advanced features. For example, do you want to greet callers with a personalized greeting or send them to a voice response system? With our virtual numbers, you can do just that and more. You can even configure your virtual numbers so that they ring to a specific phone based on where the calls originate or the time of day they are made. Optional features include rollover minutes and call recording.

Our Canada virtual phone numbers are available without a contract. Whether you need a virtual number for a short period of time or for ongoing use, we have a month-to-month plan for you. You can scale up or down as needed and cancel at any time. All of our Canada virtual phone numbers are routed over a modern, fiberoptic PSTN network for the best audio quality and reliability possible.

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