Should You Get Virtual Phone Number for Russia?

Moscow RussiaIf you have business partners, associates, family members, or other contacts in Russia, virtual phone numbers can help make it easier to communicate from afar. Both toll free and regional virtual phone numbers for the Russian Federation are available.

Here’s how getting a Russian virtual phone number could facilitate international communication with person in Russia.

  • Our Russia toll free virtual phone numbers work internationally. In general, toll free phone numbers do not work internationally, so if you were to give your Russian callers a USA toll free number, their calls would not connect. What you need is a Russia toll free virtual number that can be forwarded to any international phone. Our virtual phone numbers do exactly that. Simply choose a Russia toll free virtual number and plan and then specify the destination phone number. We’ll take care of the international call forwarding automatically in the background for you. Your callers will be able to dial toll free from Russia, yet your phone will ring in another portion of the world.
  • You could create a local presence in Moscow or Kaliningrad with a Russia virtual phone number. Whether you have contacts in Moscow or Kaliningrad or would like to establish a “branch office” in one of these cities, having a local Moscow or Kaliningrad virtual phone number makes it appear as if you are physically there. However, the virtual phone number is truly virtual. It is not tied to a physical phone in Russia. Rather it has the Moscow or Kaliningrad regional codes. Any calls to the Russia virtual phone number will be routed to your designated “ring to” number which could be anywhere in the world.

Benefits of a Russia Virtual Phone Number

While it’s helpful to have an international call forwarding number in Russia, the potential benefits are numerous. Below are just a few:

  • Calls are free (or low-cost depending on location) to your callers. As the owner of the Russia virtual phone number, you’ll choose a monthly plan which includes a predetermined number of minutes at competitive rates. Callers using your toll free number will not incur any costs. If you choose a regional virtual number such as for Moscow or Kaliningrad, your callers may incur local toll charges depending on where they are located in relation to your virtual phone number.
  • Calls are easy to make for your Russian callers. There’s no need for your callers to dial an international exit or country code (which few know off the top of their heads) in order to reach you. Instead, they simply dial a toll free or local phone number just as if they were calling anyone else within Russia.
  • Setting up a Russia virtual phone number is much cheaper than setting up a physical office. You don’t need to rent office space, hire staff, install a PBX phone system, or manage a regional office. Getting a virtual phone number for Russia is a great way to enter the Russian market without a huge investment.

How are you using Russian virtual phone numbers?

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