How to Get a Virtual Number to Ring Up to 10 Different Numbers Simultaneously

Simultaneous ringing is one of many advanced call forwarding features in our pay-as-you-go virtual number plans.

Simultaneous ringing call forwardingSetting up a virtual number so that it rings to multiple phones simultaneously nearly ensures that you’ll never miss another phone call again. It’s also a great way to improve your company’s customer service and impress customers who crave the more personal touch.

Since the call forwarding number can be configured to ring to different phone numbers at once, whomever is readily available to take that call simply answers it. Once answered, the other numbers will stop ringing. What if the call goes unanswered despite all ten numbers ringing? After a predetermined number of rings, you can send the call to voicemail.

Simultaneous ringing is suitable for both high and low volume call forwarding situations. For example, a small business owner may want to have the front office phone, warehouse phone, and a personal cell phone ring simultaneously.

Larger businesses can take advantage of this feature to spread calls across a team at a main office or call center. If you have a distributed team or perhaps a board of directors, it might make sense to route calls to all key members so that calls are promptly answered regardless of the dispersed nature of your organization.

It takes just a few minutes to obtain a virtual number and configure simultaneous ringing. Here’s a brief tutorial showing you how to do it.

  1. Sign up for one of our virtual phone numbers. When you first sign up for a virtual number, you’ll be prompted to designate a “ring to” number, which is the phone number where you’d like to receive your phone calls. Keep in mind that virtual phone numbers are not permanently associated with a physical phone. In fact, you can change their “ring to” numbers as often as you’d like. In this case, go ahead and pick your main ring to number. You’ll add the other numbers later.
  2. Pick a monthly plan and follow the prompts to complete sign up. Our plans are loaded with features and offered on a pay-as-you-go, no contract basis. We have a free trial if you’d like to try virtual numbers and simultaneous ringing before you buy.
  3. Once activated, log into your account and set up simultaneous ringing. This step is just as simple as when you initially entered a main “ring to” number when signing up for the account. Select the simultaneous ringing feature and enter up to a total of 10 phone numbers to ring simultaneously. Note that these phone numbers can be located just about anywhere! You’re not limited to phones located in your office. Thus, you could set up simultaneous ringing across multiple time zones or configure the feature to ring to all the different phones that you might be using at any given time such as your home office, main office, cell phone, or branch office.
  4. Change your simultaneous ringing settings as needed. As the dynamics of your calling needs change, so too can your simultaneous ringing configuration. For example, if you no longer need to receive phone calls at a branch office, you can easily remove that number from the list of ring to numbers. Likewise, if you have a new team member who needs to be included in the group, add that person’s number to the list of simultaneous ring to numbers. Changes are easy to make and can be done as often as you’d like. Simply sign into your account and update the settings to reflect your new requirements.

Simultaneous ringing is one of many advanced call forwarding features in our pay-as-you-go virtual number plans. It’s easy to set up and can make a huge difference in ensuring that a live person answers most of your phone calls right away.

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