Using Virtual Numbers in Jamaica

Jamaica Negril, sunset beachDo you do business in Jamaica from another country? Whether you sell products or services in Jamaica, virtual numbers are highly recommended.

With a Jamaican virtual phone number, your customers and local business contacts have a no-cost, familiar, and easy-to-use means of contacting your office, call center, or technical support team.

Toll free virtual numbers are essential in any country, but they don’t necessarily work across borders. A caller in Jamaica, for example, will not be able to reach a business in Europe using that business’s main toll free number.

However, if you get a Jamaica toll free number and forward it to your business in another country, then the call will go through as expected — but only if you use a toll free virtual number designed for international call forwarding.

We offer Jamaica virtual numbers for this purpose. Whether your main office is located in North America, South America, Central America, Australia, Europe, Africa, or Asia, your Jamaican customers will be able to reach you without concerns about costs or international dialing.

What is a Jamaica Virtual Number?

Virtual numbers are call forwarding numbers that are not attached to a specific location. Through your online account, or by using a phone menu on your phone, you can control where your Jamaica virtual number rings at any given time.

For example, if you have issued a toll free virtual number for your Jamaican customers to call with questions, you’d likely want to forward those calls to your call center or even to a specific agent who specializes in the Jamaican market.

What if you have several agents who work from home? You could change the destination number to ring to the different agents’ phone lines based on who’s on call at the time. In a situation like this, it’s smart to set up “time of day” routing, a free, advanced call forwarding feature included in our Jamaica virtual number plans.

How Else Can You Use Virtual Numbers in Jamaica?

Customer service and technical support are two common use cases for Jamaica virtual numbers, but they’re not the only ones. You could also use virtual numbers to:

  • Interact with local vendors and business contacts — Jamaica has a high poverty rate, and while your local contacts may not be living in poverty, they may feel the pinch of international calling. They may postpone calling you about an important issue because of cost concerns. By using toll free Jamaica virtual numbers, you can make it easy for them to reach you. This technique takes cost out of the equation. It may also contribute to a stronger relationship.
  • Make cheap international phone calls — Because you can change your Jamaica virtual number’s ring to number on the fly, you can take advantage of your virtual number plan’s low international rates to make cheap phone calls when in Jamaica. Simply change the ring to number to the desired international phone number, call the Jamaica toll free number, and enjoy speaking with your contact at a low and predictable rate. Make sure to change the ring to number back once the call is complete.

Our customers have creative uses for virtual numbers, and we bet you do to.

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