How to Get a Virtual Number for Canada that Rings to a Phone in the United States

Here’s how to set up a virtual number for Canada so that it rings to a phone in the United States.

Business between Canada and USAUS-based businesses often do business with partners and customers in Canada.

As with other international communications, local phone numbers help to avoid negative perceptions and make it easier for Canadians to call your business in the United States.

Here’s how to set up a virtual number for Canada so that it rings to a phone in the United States.

What is a Canada Virtual Number?
A Canadian virtual number is a type of international remote call forwarding number that can be set up to ring to a physical phone located somewhere else, such as in the United States. To the caller in Canada, the number looks and acts like a local or toll free number. For example, it could have an area code for Toronto, Québec, or one dozens of cities in Canada, yet you can set up the call to be answered in New York, Miami, Los Angeles, or whichever city you prefer.

Ordering and Configuring a Canada Virtual Phone Number
Our contract-free worldwide call divert plan is easy, affordable, and highly configurable to best meet your call forwarding needs. Here’s how to order and configure your virtual number:

1. Choose the Canada virtual phone number type — You’ll be presented with several choices: Toll free (1-888, 1-877, 1-866, 1-855, 1-844, and 1-833), premium toll free (1-800), and more than 100 cities across multiple area codes. For example, if you want a local Edmonton phone number, scroll through the list and choose one of the Edmonton area codes offered.

2. Choose the phone number (if offered) — Depending on the selection, you may be shown the new phone number right away. If so, click the dropdown to see other available phone numbers and make your selection. If not, the phone number will be provided to you upon activation.

3. Enter your destination phone number — This is the phone number where your incoming calls from Canada will be forwarded. You can change this number at any time. For example, if you want your calls to be answered at your main office in Boston, enter that phone number here.

4. Select the desired monthly plan — We offer several plans with different levels of prepaid minutes. If you would like optional rollover minutes, make sure to click the checkbox next to “Add rollover.” Optional call recording is also available after your account has been provisioned.

5. Complete the transaction — Follow the prompts to add your plan to your shopping cart and complete the transaction.

From there, your account will be activated and a confirmation email sent to you. The confirmation email will contain the following information:

• Your new Canada virtual phone number
• Your account number, PIN, and Customer Portal address

To view your call history, change your ring to number, or manage your account, simply log into the Customer Portal. Remember, you can upgrade or downgrade your account as needed or cancel at anytime.

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