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Using Virtual Number Call Forwarding When Traveling

Virtual numbers are not only an indispensible business tool for many enterprises but also a very useful travel aid.

Whether you’re a busy professional who travels frequently or a casual traveler, anytime you leave your home base, you often leave behind your ability to communicate using your main phone number.

While you could give everyone you know your mobile phone number or use the phone company’s call forwarding option to transfer calls to your cell phone, doing so is a hassle. Plus, mobile phone companies will not divert calls overseas so unless you’re traveling within your own country, you will need a virtual number to transport your calls abroad. Virtual number call forwarding is the answer.

What is Virtual Number Call Forwarding?

Virtual number call forwarding is a telecommunications service where you order a virtual telephone number that is not attached to any given phone. For example, your home phone number is associated with your home phone while your mobile phone number is associated with your cell phone. With a virtual phone number, you control which phone rings whenever someone dials that number.

When you first sign up for virtual number call forwarding, you will be issued a virtual number and prompted to designate a “ring to” number. This ring to number can be changed as needed, making virtual number call forwarding especially convenient to business and leisure travelers.

Virtual Number Call Forwarding in Action

Let’s use “Bill” as an example. Bill is a US-based sales manager living in New York City who has several trips scheduled in the next few months: an international conference in London, a trip to Japan with his wife, a regional sales meeting at his company’s Chicago office, and a trip to Atlanta to help his son get settled into college.

Bill is concerned about his clients and young adult children being able to reach him when he’s overseas. He also does not want anyone to have to dial complicated country codes or incur international long distance charges when trying to reach him. At the same time, he’s unsure that his cell phone will work in London or Japan.

Bill had heard about virtual number call forwarding from one of his colleagues and decides to give it a try. Here’s what he does:

  • He signs up with a virtual number call forwarding service provider on a no annual contract basis.
  • He orders a local virtual number in New York City so that his local clients and most of his young adult children will not incur charges when calling him. He also has the option to order a toll free virtual number.
  • He initially designates his cell phone number as the default ring to number. When traveling in the United States, he finds that this works well most of the time. He eventually discovers that it’s easy to change the virtual number call forwarding to other phones and enables simultaneous ringing so that both his cell phone and his temporary extension at the Chicago branch office would ring at the same time.
  • As expected, his mobile phone didn’t work in London or Japan. Bill was able to quickly change the ring to number to his hotel room number when he first arrived. In London, he purchased a disposable mobile phone and set his virtual number call forwarding to ring to his temporary mobile phone. It worked so well, and was such an inexpensive solution, that he did the same in Japan.
  • His clients and family members were able to reach him no matter where in the United States or the world he happened to be.

Using Virtual Number Call Forwarding When Traveling

Like Bill, you could use virtual number call forwarding when traveling. However, like Bill, there may be time zone issues involved. If you intend to give callers your virtual call forwarding number which will ring to you several time zones away, it’s possible that you’ll receive phone calls in the middle of the night. Fortunately, you can control how your incoming calls are routed based on the local time of day.

For example, if you want to be available for calls at a specific time of day, you can set your virtual number call forwarding to ring to your designed phone at a specific time. If someone calls at any other time, the call can be routed directly to voicemail. You could even set your calls to ring to an answering service, call center, or other phone at a specific time of day.

The Benefits of a No-Contract Virtual Number Call Forwarding Plan  

Monthly virtual number call forwarding plans with no contracts and no cancellation fees are a terrific choice for anyone who needs a virtual phone number. These plans come with a variety of features including:

  • Exceptional call quality
  • Simultaneous ringing
  • Sequential forwarding
  • Customized greetings
  • Advanced PBX features
  • Rollover minutes
  • And much more…

Whether you need a disposable virtual phone number for a short time or want to try out the service without a long-term commitment, you can enjoy the benefits of virtual number call forwarding.