Virgin Island (British) Conference Calling and Remote Call Forwarding Tips

Using a British Virgin Islands call forwarding number in this manner allows you to take advantage of your existing staff and facilities back home and keep your costs down.

British Virgin Islands CollaborationAccording to the Government of the British Virgin Islands, if you intend to do business in the British Virgin Islands, you’ll need a trade license.

If you are an individual from outside the territory – even if you are a British citizen – and intend to work there, you’ll need a work permit.

Once you’ve established your business and fulfilled all of the obligatory business filing details, you’ll need a convenient means of communicating with your colleagues, partners, customers, and other individuals around the world.

Both international conferencing calling and international call forwarding in the Virgin Islands can help. Use the tips below to communicate with international business associates from the British Virgin Islands.

1. Make calling your BVI business easy with virtual phone numbers – As savvy as your business contacts may be, they may have an aversion to calling foreign phone numbers. First, there’s the cost concern.

People who have never called the British Virgin Islands will wonder how much it will cost to call you. Some will overestimate the cost of the call and avoid dialing altogether.

Even if money were not an issue, the phone number will look different to overseas callers. Those who rarely make international phone calls to the British Virgin Islands, or anywhere else for that matter, may not understand the appropriate procedure for dialing out of their countries.

British Virgin Island virtual phone numbers solve these problems. For example, if most of your contacts are in the UK, you could get a UK virtual number and set it up so that it rings to your British Virgin Islands office.

To your British contacts, your British Virgin Island virtual phone number looks and acts like any other UK phone number. Calling you is as easy as calling a local business.

2. Be mindful of time differences – Chairing a British Virgin Islands conference call is a great way to bring together a geographically diverse team into a group phone call. However, with participants located in various time zones, you’ll need to be mindful of these time differences when scheduling a conference call.

For example, since there’s a five-hour difference between the British Virgin Islands and London, you may want to schedule a conference call with your UK team to take place at 10 a.m. BVI time, which would be 3 p.m. their time.

3. Leverage existing resources – If you’ve built a qualified staff of customer service representatives at your home office, it often makes more sense to use remote call forwarding numbers in your new market than it does to establish physical numbers and staff a call center.

For example, you could establish a local British Virgin Island call forwarding number for your island business and route those calls to your main office in London. Using a British Virgin Islands call forwarding number in this manner allows you to take advantage of your existing staff and facilities back home and keep your costs down.

Do you have any communications tips for those doing business in the British Virgin Islands?

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