Vietnam Virtual Phone Number

Vietnam Hanoi imageAfter more than 30 years of civil war, Vietnam unified in 1975. It’s take many years for Vietnam to recover, and today the country is one of Southeast Asia’s fastest-growing economies.

Vietnam is a major manufacturing hub and the second-largest clothing supplier to the United States.

Other economic drivers include manufacturing, information technology, oil production, and agriculture.

Vietnam’s largest export partners are: USA, China, Japan, and South Korea. Its largest import partners are: China, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, and USA.

If you export goods or services to Vietnam, doing business from afar becomes a bit easier when you’re readily available to accept incoming calls from the country. Getting a Vietnam virtual phone number is the answer.

What is a Vietnam Virtual Phone Number?
A virtual phone number is one that is not tied to a specific telephone. Rather, it is a call forwarding number that can be routed to other phones as desired. With a Vietnam virtual phone number, the number is a “local” toll free number for Vietnam; it has the same dialing conventions and codes as other toll free Vietnam phone numbers.

Vietnam Database imageHowever, because it is an international virtual phone number, you can configure it to ring to any phone anywhere in the world.

For example, if you offer consulting services to manufacturers in Vietnam but are physically located in the United States, you could give your clients in Vietnam a toll free virtual phone number to call you. To your clients, this number will work just like any other toll free number in the country. However, when it rings, it will ring to your home, office, or cell phone in the United States. Your clients will not need to dial an international phone number or use an international operator in order to reach you.

Why would you want to order a virtual toll free phone number for Vietnam when your business already has a toll free number? Because toll free numbers only work in the region for which they were issued. If you were to give your Vietnamese clients your business’s toll free number in the US, they would not be connected.

Benefits of Using Vietnam Virtual Phone Numbers
In addition to making it easy for your callers to reach you, Vietnam virtual phone numbers offer other benefits such as:

Your business will look more “local” if you have a virtual phone number in Vietnam. While you could give out your direct number to your office in another part of the world, doing so will immediately signal that you are an outsider.

Your business will look more professional and serious about doing business in Vietnam. Toll free numbers have always signaled professionalism. That you’ve taken the time to establish a toll free business number in Vietnam shows your customers, partners, colleagues, and other associates that you are serious about serving them.

How have you used virtual phone numbers in Vietnam or elsewhere to your benefit?

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