Creative Uses for Venezuela Conference Calls – business and personal

With an international conference call, mourners from afar will have the opportunity to share their memories and reconnect with other family members.

Maracaibo VenezuelaYou can provide your invitees located in Venezuela a local Venezuelan toll free phone number to attend your meeting.  This way, your Venezuela attendees will not have to pay to join your call.

You likely use conference calls at work, but did you know that international conference calls are a great way for families from Venezuela to communicate?

If some of your family remains in Venezuela while others have ventured to other countries, holding international conference calls can keep you connected in between visits. Below are three creative ways to use Venezuela conference calls:

  1. Planning a Family Reunion — Your mom’s in charge of finding a venue for the reunion in Venezuela; your aunt is in charge of cooking; your brother wants to line up entertainment; your dad wants the men to spend at least some of the time fishing; and you want to keep everyone happy. Everyone has a job, but it’s not necessarily clear how everything will come together — especially because most everyone is living overseas. By hosting regular conference calls, you can all get together in a group call to iron out the details and ensure that everyone is on the same page. You can even record the call and review it at your leisure to make sure that everything is covered.
  1. Holding Virtual Memorial Services with Your Loved Ones in Venezuela — With extended family living abroad, bringing the entire family back home for a memorial service can be cost-prohibitive. While some immediate family members will make the trek, some extended family members won’t be able to do so for any number of financial or logistical reasons. Hold the memorial service as planned, but consider holding a second “virtual” memorial service using a Venezuela conference call for your overseas family members. With an international conference call, mourners from afar will have the opportunity to share their memories and reconnect with other family members. If you record the call, you could share their stories with future generations.
  1. Holding Important Family Meetings — As your parents age, they’ll need extra help. If one of them becomes injured or ill, or if tragedy strikes, you and your siblings will need to coordinate care quickly. All of this is hard enough when everyone lives nearby; it’s even harder when some are in Venezuela and others are overseas. Fortunately, you could use international conference calls to hold these important family meetings. Group calls are a great way to communicate what’s going on and what needs to happen as well as clarify roles and responsibilities. You can even invite health care providers to the Venezuela conference call to discuss your loved one’s prognosis and care needs.

These are just three, of many, ways you could use Venezuela conference calls to stay connected with your extended overseas family members. Can you think of any other uses for family conference calls?

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