US Canada Conference Call Service and How To Use Sub-Accounts

US Canada Conference Call Service

Photo by Berkeley Communications Did you know that you can share your US Canada Conference Call Service across your company or with a partner, assistant or family member?

The ability to add sub-accounts to your main audio conferencing plan keeps billing both simple and trackable.

How might you use sub-accounts? Let us count the ways…

  • Department Level Sub-Accounts — You could create a sub-account for each department in your business such as marketing, human resources, sales, and warehouse. Each sub-account would have its own unique passcode that allows for simultaneous use and individual call detail tracking. Call attendance reports will be sent to an email address unique to the department such as the department manager’s email address. Each month when settling up the bill, your accounts payable manager will be able to quickly apply the appropriate accounting codes based on each department’s actual usage.
  • Individual Level Sub-Accounts — For larger departments where several individuals may want to host conference calls at the same time, you may want to create individual level sub-accounts. This will enable simultaneous use from within the department as well as ensure that attendance reports are emailed directly to the individual initiating the conference call. Accounts payable could still determine the appropriate billing codes based on the departments each individual is assigned to.
  • Client Level Sub-Accounts — You can get creative with sub-accounts, too, by creating sub-accounts for each client. For example, a law firm could create sub-accounts for each major client in order to better track billable hours spent in conference calls. Digital marketing agencies could do the same to get a better idea of how much time designers are spending with each client in meetings.

How to Get a Companywide US Canada Conference Call Service with Sub-Accounts

Our pay-as-you-go US Canada Conference Call Service is an affordable, high-quality solution for businesses of all sizes that need to host conference calls with up to 150 participants. You pay only for usage — and you get access to incredibly low per minute rates and a robust feature set. There are no contracts, no minimums, no monthly fees, and no hassles.

While you could order individual accounts for each department, user, or client, ordering sub-accounts keeps everything streamlined and makes managing your account much easier. You can include sub-accounts when signing up. From there, we’ll send you an email with all of the account and sub-account passcodes and access numbers.

Already have an account? No problem, we can add as many sub-accounts as you need upon request.

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