Provide Spain Toll Free Access Numbers for your Spain Conference Calls

Using International Conference Calls in Spain to Build Stronger Business Relationships

According to, face-to-face meetings in Spain are of utmost importance in Gran vía Madrid Spain City Centrebuilding initial business relationships. If you’re thinking of doing business in Spain, it’s probably a good idea to spend some time in the country introducing yourself to potential suppliers, vendors, partners, and prospects.

Once those relationships have been set into motion, you may want to continue building your relationships in Spain with international conference calls. Below are a few pointers to keep in mind.

Have an Agenda for the Call

While one of your goals is to continue to build a strong business relationship, your international conference call in Spain needs to have a purpose beyond getting acquainted. And, it needs to be relevant to your new business contacts in Spain.

Define the purpose of the conference call and highlight what’s in it for them. Who needs to attend the Spain conference call? What time, in local business hours in Spain, should the call take place?

From there, create an agenda for your conference call, allowing time for formal introductions amongst participants at the beginning. says that Spaniards expect personal relationships with their suppliers but they tend to be more formal in their relations than Americans.

No one appreciates rambling meetings, so keep your Spain conference call moving according to your agenda and stick to the allotted time period. For example, if you told your conference call attendees that the conference call would take no more than 15 minutes of their time, wrap up the call at the 12 to 13-minute mark.

Part of building strong business relationships is demonstrating that you keep your word and respect the other person’s time. By keeping your Spain conference calls within the stated time period, you are doing both.

Because you’re the one initiating these relationships and soliciting business, you should pay the costs associated with your international conference calls in Spain. Thus, if you’re in the United States, don’t expect your callers in Spain to dial your US office number. You can’t give them your toll free number either because your toll free number only works in North America.

The best choice is to use an international conference calling service that provides international access numbers. With our global conferencing service, your callers from Spain will dial a toll free access number that’s local for Spain. Their calls will then be forwarded over a high definition, fiber optic network and joined in an audio conference.

Meanwhile, if you have other participants located in other countries, they too, will dial a toll free access number that’s unique to their own countries. In order to join your own Spain conference call, you’ll dial a domestic access number.

No matter which access number a given attendee dials, everyone will be joined in a group conference call with exceptional sound quality.

As the host of the Spain conference call, you’ll be billed per minute, per attendee based on the individual rates for their countries. Our toll free international conferencing rates are extremely competitive, and even lower “dial out” rates are available for Spain and other countries.

How have you used international conferencing to build relationships overseas?

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