Tips for Managing Local Virtual Numbers

Managing Virtual Numbers
Managing Virtual Numbers

Tips for Managing Local Virtual Numbers

Many business owners quickly see the benefit of their local virtual numbers and promptly order additional virtual numbers for other locales. After all, local virtual phone numbers allow you to establish local presences around the world without requiring office space, additional staff members, and other business expenses. However, as your virtual phone presence grows, it becomes more difficult to manage. Use these tips to keep track of your local virtual numbers.

  • Use one provider – The more providers you have, the more complicated it becomes. Wouldn’t you rather deal with one bill each month rather than dozens? In addition to consolidating billing by using a single provider, all of your local virtual phone numbers can be listed and managed under one account. If you need to change a ring-to number, simply log into your main account, choose the local virtual phone number that you need to change, and edit as needed.
  • Use a spreadsheet or database program – This isn’t necessary when you have just a few virtual numbers to manage but can be helpful as your list grows. For example, you may want to record the following details for each local virtual number you have:
  • Local virtual phone number
  • City and/or country that the number is local to
  • Its ring-to number
  • Its purpose (localization, internal communications, hotline, etc.)
  • Where it is advertised (phone book, website, company trucks, etc.)
  • Local language and customs (will you need translators to interpret messages or bilingual staff to answer these calls?)
  • Expected end of life (some virtual phone numbers are ordered for temporary purposes while others are intended for the long term)
  • Track performance – Just as you measure the performance of other areas of your business, it’s smart to track the performance of your virtual phone numbers. Are customers calling your local virtual phone number? If not, do they know it exists? If so, are these calls resulting in sales?

Using one provider makes managing local virtual numbers much easier. By tracking important details in a spreadsheet or database program, you can quickly find relevant information should you later make changes to the number. For example, if you cancel a local virtual number, you should also cancel its associated advertisements. Tracking performance allows you to get a better sense of how well your local virtual numbers are performing so that you can adjust your approach or replicate its success with a new local phone number.

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Using White and Black Lists with Your Local and Global Virtual Numbers

Selective Call blocking
Selective Call Blocking

Create White and Black Lists for Your Virtual Phone Number

When calls are forwarded to your global virtual numbers, costs accrue by the minute with rates varying by country. What happens if someone calls your virtual number from an expensive country? What about calls from other countries that are wrong numbers? Unfortunately, unwanted calls can and do occur no matter what type of call forwarding plan you have. Fortunately, you can use white and black lists to allow and block access. Here’s a quick look.

Using White Lists enable Selective Call Blocking

White lists are lists of phone numbers or area codes that you want to reach your virtual number at all times. For example, if you establish a global virtual number in Italy so that your Italian grandmother can dial a local number and reach you no matter where in the world you are, you could place your grandmother’s Italian phone number in your white list and set up your account to block all other calls. This prevents you from being charged for misdialed calls made to your global virtual number yet it allows your grandmother to reach you.

If you operate a local business and serve customers within just a few area codes, you could also use white lists to allow calls from within your designated area codes. This ensures that local callers can reach you while blocking access from callers that you cannot help. For example, if you operate a window washing service in Portland, Oregon, your website could attract potential window washing clients from Portland, Maine. If you receive an excessive amount of phone calls from Portland, Maine, or if you want to avoid that scenario altogether, use a white list to allow phone calls only from the area codes in which you do business.

Using Black Lists with Virtual Numbers

Black lists are the opposite of white lists, though they can be used to accomplish similar effects. Instead of creating lists that allow specific phone numbers or area codes to ring through to your global virtual numbers, you can use black lists to specifically block certain phone numbers or area codes. For example, if your business is constantly being contacted by a disreputable salesperson who won’t take no for an answer or take your number off the list, you could use the black list to block that salesperson’s known phone numbers. You could also escalate your complaint, but blacklisting calls may be faster and more effective.

Similarly, you could block calls from specific area codes. For example, if you have a toll free call forwarding number for the United States, but only serve customers in the continental United States, you could block calls from callers located in Hawaii and Alaska by blacklisting those area codes. You may also want to blacklist area codes such as 876 (Jamaica) that are linked to scams.

Whether to use white lists are black lists or a combination of the two is a personal decision based on how you use your global virtual numbers. It may be easier to whitelist the few area codes or callers that you want to hear from than it is to blacklist all the ones you don’t want to go through. On the other hand, if you only have a few undesirables, then it might be easier to blacklist those and let all other calls go through.

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International Call Forwarding – When Local Phone Service Sucks

Happy with Virtual Number
Happy with Virtual Number

International Call Forwarding – A Solution When Local Phone Service Sucks

The world is served by hundreds, perhaps thousands, of local phone companies. While some countries are well equipped with infrastructure and responsive service providers, others are sorely lacking. While you may feel as if you are at the mercy of local phone companies, you may actually have options. If your local phone service sucks, consider this: international call forwarding.

How International Call Forwarding Overcomes Poor Local Service

Many people located in countries with poor local phone service work around the problem by using international call forwarding services. For example, if you need to order a new local phone number in a country where the process could take several months, ordering local call forwarding numbers from an international call forwarding service is much faster and may even be less expensive. Using an international calling service provider allows individuals to receive local numbers specific to their countries in as little as a few hours. These local phone numbers can be set to ring to virtually any local phone or mobile phone.

Should You Use International Call Forwarding as a Temporary or Permanent Solution to Poor Local Phone Service?

Many international call forwarding customers initially use call forwarding as a temporary solution. They need a local number and they need it fast. They may plan on dropping the service once the local phone company delivers. In situations like this, it’s smart to choose a pay-as-you-go international call forwarding plan with cheap international calls and no long-term contracts or early termination penalties.

With reasonable rates and superior call quality, some international call forwarding customers opt for a more permanent solution. If you intend to use international call forwarding for the long term, you may want to choose a service provider that offers the most useful features. For example, rollover minutes become more important when you use call forwarding permanently. You may also appreciate features such as local ring tones, auto attendant, voicemail, online account management, and automatic fax forwarding.

In fact, many of the features that are included with international call forwarding and the fact that you can make cheap international calls sway short-term customers into becoming long-term ones. The more you use these features, the more beneficial the service becomes.

Another Use for International Call Forwarding Numbers

We’re constantly amazed at the creative ways customers use international call forwarding. One of the most creative ways is to bypass costly international long distance fees. If you regularly dial an international phone number in a country where dialing costs are extremely high, ordering an international call forwarding number local to your own country and then forwarding that call to the destination number could be much less expensive than direct dialing. In order for this to make sense financially, you will need to know the per minute rate you normally pay and compare that to the cheap international calling rates offered by your international call forwarding service provider. Do the math. If it makes sense, check to ensure that there are no minimum usage charges, hidden fees, or long-term contracts.

International call forwarding is a useful, cost-effective, and creative choice when local phone service sucks. Why wait for service to improve when other options are readily available?

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International Call forwarding removes global boundaries with overseas virtual phone numbers

Call forwarding cuts International Calling rates drastically
International Call Forwarding utilizing a Virtual Number

International Call Forwarding utilizing a Virtual Number

Gain a “local” presence in 94 countries worldwide with an International Call Forwarding facility. Select a local or toll free number which can redirect your calls to your preferred phone number, anywhere in the world.

It is an amazing, yet simple technology to allow your customers, associates and other critical resources reach you whenever they desire. Reach out to your markets and save on International Calling rates at the same time with the call forwarding feature.

Here’s how it works. You opt for a China phone number, assuming your business prospects are in China. When customers in China call this virtual number, it automatically calls your phone number in your country. You could be in California, London, Budapest or Tokyo and yet be easily reachable from China or any other city in the world via a local or toll free number.

It also gives you the flexibility to receive calls through your mobile, fixed line, voice mail, PBX or fax machine. Irrespective of your actual geographic location, you command a “virtual” local presence in many cities or countries worldwide.

See list of available <u>global virtual numbers</u> here.

There is no limit to the amount of virtual numbers you can have. Depending on your requirements, you can have a number for every city you have an interest in.

Whether you require a local or toll free number relies on whether your customers or key people are located in a particular city or scattered throughout a specific country.

This service is making International Calling less costly and more convenient for a growing clientele across the globe.

The call forwarding facility is a boon if:

  • you are traveling overseas and want your callers to get in touch easily, opt for a virtual number in your native country
  • you want a low rate on one overseas number you call frequently, you also have the ability to change this call forwarding number online, in real time, and as frequently as you like, everyday
  • you have a college kid in another city and want him to call home, get him a local call forwarding number in the city of his residence and have his calls redirected to your phone
  • you are a frequent flier and want to call home cheaply, get a local call forwarding number in the country you are visiting and dial this number when you want to speak to your office, wife or family back home

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Call Forwarding Local Number Portability

Virtual International Call Forwarding

Virtual International Call Forwarding

You can use a call forwarding virtual number to ensure that your main phone number always rings to your main office, no matter where your main office may be located in the world.

For example, if you have a business in Hong Kong but later move off the island, you can convert your previous Hong Kong number and continue to receive phone calls from your old Hong Kong phone number.
How do you do this?

By forwarding your old Hong Kong number, (the one you want to keep because everyone knows it) to a number provided by

That new Hong Kong number will then redirect calls from your old Hong Kong number to any phone number worldwide. That’s how to keep your old phone number intact and working.

Simply forward your old phone number to a new virtual number that redirects calls internationally. Most local phone companies of the world will not forward your calls to a number outside of the subscribers country. But aitelephone’s strategy enables keeping your old phone number working and sending you the calls.

Whether you start with a virtual call forwarding local number or convert an existing line, using call forwarding ensures that your previous advertising investments continue to pay off.

Call forwarding can also eliminates the costs associated with printing new business cards, letterhead, and signs because your phone number will always ring to your designated line with a virtual call forwarding number.

Virtual Numbers – Feature rich service to help you connect locally or Internationally

Whether you have your business or just want to stay in touch with your beloved ones you always need a medium through which you can contact them as and when you want. And there are mediums that we have in the present times that are helping people to take some time out of their busy work schedule to converse with people who matters to them.

If we talk about the past it was beyond imagination for people to even think of getting in touch with people who live far away. The reason was the cost and not enough resources that can provide people with mediums to carry out their conversation. Not only was it a problem for individuals but was a great task for businesses to cater to their clients sitting overseas.

But with the advent of technology many things have changed in the past decade or so. Communication mediums have changed and have gone through major transformations and have become much more advanced and providing people with a cost effective way to connect worldwide. If we talk about telecommunication it has prevailed deep into the life of people. The reason why more and more people are opting for it is the affordability and the services that they get. Services like Virtual numbers are enabling businesses to provide their clients with numbers through which they can call and enquire without being charged with premium international rates. This not only creates a sense in the mind of the clients that the business has a local presence but also help in better business-client association. These services have curbed the need for businesses to set-up their local offices in countries where they operates and have their clients.

For businesses it is very important for smooth proceeding of business operations to stay in touch with clients and giving direction to senior authorities. Not only businesses but individuals have found efficient mediums like conference calling that is helping them to stay in touch with their beloved ones whether they are holidaying or live far away.

It would not be wrong to say that these services have brought significant changes in the way people used to converse. With these services the world has become a small place where nobody is far away. Thanks to the telecommunication advancements that have brought revolution to our lives.