Create Your Own 24-Hour Recorded Message Hotline

Our virtual numbers are a flexible choice for all kinds of recorded information scenarios.

Create a Recorded Message HotlineRecorded Message Hotline can be important to Businesses of all sizes  — and doing so is easier and more affordable than you may realize.

Hotlines can include either a standard message available around the clock or custom messages that you change periodically. Here’s what you need to know about setting up your first 24-hour recorded message hotline.

Create a Hotline

Recorded Message Hotline Common Uses


Recorded message hotlines are a great way to share information with the general public, consumers, or business prospects. Some common uses include:

  • Product and service information — Some products and services are best explained with audio, and some people simply prefer to hear about a product or service over reading about it. Audio allows your personality to come across and can convey enthusiasm, credibility, and professionalism. Adding a toll-free number to your brochures and sales materials can be an effective option to further educate your prospects and customers.
  • Safety information — For example, if you operate a pest control company, you could create an informational hotline with a recorded message hotline about fumigation. When fumigating a home or business, you could then post warning signs with your toll-free number with important safety information.
  • Crisis management — Whether it’s a natural disaster, a strike, civil unrest, business rumors, or some other disruption affecting your business, setting up a 24-hour hotline with a recorded message is an effective way to keep people informed. For example, if a hurricane has disrupted your business, you could set up a hotline for your employees to call each day to find out if they should work from home or report to the office.
  • Market information/updates — Realtors and mortgage brokers often use recorded messages to relay the latest interest rates or market news. Seasonal businesses such as ski resorts use recorded message hotlines to share the latest snow conditions.

How to Get Your Own Toll Free or Local Hotline Number

Start by ordering one of our virtual phone numbers. These phone numbers, which are available globally, are month-to-month with no contract. Since you can cancel at any time, you can set up recorded messages for short-term or long-term projects. Toll-free local and global numbers are available.

Once signed up, you’ll need to record your Recorded Message Hotline message and set up the virtual number’s extensions. Several options are available. For example, you could prompt callers to enter different extensions to hear specific information such as 1 for the latest interest rates or real estate listings or 2 for directions to your office. You could also set up your number so that it answers in greeting only mode. With a convenient, easy-to-use online portal, you can update your recordings easily from your phone or computer.

Our virtual numbers are a flexible choice for all kinds of recorded information scenarios. Whether you have a short-term project to communicate or would like to keep your hotline message going for years to come, our virtual phone numbers are easy to use, affordable, and loaded with excellent features.

Create an Informational Hotline

Examples – Radio Station Diamond Head, HI – Aloha
Severe Weather Warning