10 Ways to Use Global Call Forwarding

Use global call forwarding numbers to appear larger and more capable.

10 Ways to Use Global Call ForwardingGlobal call forwarding using virtual phone numbers can be used in a variety of ways, allowing you to connect with international friends, family, colleagues, partners, and customers using a single virtual phone number. Below are 10 ways to use global call forwarding to connect with others around the globe.

1. Use a global call forwarding number to keep in touch with family members living abroad. If you have family members living in another country with high international calling costs, consider ordering a global call forwarding number that’s local to that country. Once established, your family members would dial a local phone number that forwards to the destination number in your country. You would pay a fixed per minute price that’s typically much lower than the host country’s rates.

2. Using a virtual number to stay connected when traveling the world. If you travel around the world, you could order a global call forwarding number that’s local to your home country and give that number to your family, friends, and colleagues to call.

As you move from one country to the next, simply change your ring-to number to your new local phone. Your contacts back home would dial a local or toll free number and you’d pay a low per minute rate.

3. Set up shop in another country. Want to start offering products and services overseas? Instead of setting up a physical location in another country, consider setting up a virtual location with an international call forwarding number. Your customers would dial a local phone number to reach you no matter where in the world you actually are.

4. Use a global call forwarding phone number to receive international faxes. Instead of maintaining separate international phone and fax lines, sign up for a global call forwarding number with a fax-to-email feature. Whenever someone needs to send you a fax from that country, they’d simply fax the document to you using the call forwarding number. You’d then receive an email containing a PDF of the faxed document. Not only does this eliminate the need for a separate phone line, it also means that you can get rid of your fax machine and its ongoing expenses.

5. Use global call forwarding numbers to appear larger and more capable. If you would like your business to appear larger, ordering several virtual phone numbers can instantly give your business an international boost.

6. Use virtual numbers to establish yourself in a given country. Are you headed to an international conference where you have the potential to close business deals with partners around the world? Consider establishing global call forwarding numbers in your target countries and then print up business cards with your new phone numbers. Your prospects will likely feel confident calling you from their home countries thanks to your local presence.

7. Use global call forwarding to avoid costly international roaming rates. When traveling internationally, your mobile phone may or may not work at your destination. Even if it does work, you could be faced with sky-high international roaming rates. A better option is to order a global call forwarding number and then buy a disposable cell phone at your destination. You can then designate your new mobile phone as the ring-to number and receive your calls no matter where you go.

8. Use global call forwarding to control when and where you receive international phone calls. International call forwarding plans typically allow you to change the destination phone number on the fly. In addition, many plans have a “time of day” routing feature where you can preprogram how calls are handled based on the time of day they are made. For example, if you do not want to be disturbed between 6:00PM and 5:00AM local time, you can configure your phone number to route any calls between those hours to voicemail.

9. Use global call forwarding in an international call center. Global call forwarding numbers can be routed to an international call center where you can have customer service agents available to handle incoming calls. If you have multiple call forwarding numbers, you may want to route calls to specific agents based on country codes. Similarly, you can route calls to different call centers based on time of day.

10. Use global call forwarding to reduce international calling costs. With low international calling rates and the ability to switch ring-to numbers on the fly, many people have found that global call forwarding is a cost-effective way to make international long distance calls. Rather than dialing directly, you can change your ring-to number to the number you’d like to call and then dial your global call forwarding number. This bypasses the traditional system, puts you on your call forwarding provider’s network, and gives you access to low per minute international calling rates for dozens of countries around the world.

Global call forwarding is a versatile solution to a number of international calling scenarios.

How will you use your global call forwarding number?

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International Conference Call service – An effective strategy to connect with clients

Since inconsistent or no communication with overseas customers can prove fatal to businesses, the international conference call simply works well and is the green alternative to in-person, overseas meetings.

It is a fact that the traditional ways of operating businesses around the world have gone through major transformations in recent years. Those days are long gone when clients proved to be too difficult to reach because they were geographically far away.

More than ever, companies need to stay in communication with prospective and existing customers to retain them.  Why? Because their is so much competition out there from your hungry competitors.

If your prospective customer does not perceive your business proposal attractive, they can easily shift to another, better alternative they receive from some other company. But it may simply be a misunderstanding on their part or a misinterpretation of your proposal that causes them to continue shopping. Perhaps a focused international conference call with them would clear up these issues?

Needless to say it has become a tough task for businesses to retain an overseas customer base without a strategy to collaborate with them often and easily, even if your customer is located in another country.  Certainly email is an option, but a ‘conference call’ can bring all interested parties together in real-time enabling clarity not possible with email. After clarity, things have a better chance of moving forward.

This is the reason why corporations are focusing on utilizing high quality and reliable conference call solutions within their organization. Efforts to retain clients is a must for businesses around the world to stay connected not only with their overseas associates, employees and international branch offices on regular basis, but most importantly their existing clients and potential customers.

But traveling around the world to cater to these overseas responsibilities and conduct meetings is no longer an answer. Due to high costs and other undesirable issues associated with travel plus the dislocation of the traveling employees away from their main office to attend a brief meeting, makes this not a practical option any longer, unless it’s 100% positively necessary to be face-to-face.

Businesses have found services like international conference calling to enable their clients to discuss and inquire regarding any issues on a real-time basis. These global conference call services allow businesses to stay in contact, solve issues, discuss proposals all on a phone call and with full capability to share documents and even see each other an their monitors.

This is the reason why businesses opt for international conference calls. This results in a better overseas business-client collaboration. For international businesses it is a solution to help manage a healthy relationship with clients.

Since inconsistent or no communication with overseas customers can prove fatal to businesses, the international conference call simply works well and is the green alternative to in-person, overseas meetings.