Build a Local Presence with Lithuania Virtual Numbers

Being able to centrally manage your calls is far more efficient than having multiple offices scattered around the globe, and the costs savings can be significant.

Vilnius LithuaniaThe largest of the three Baltic republics, Lithuania regained its independence after the Soviet Union collapsed in 1990.

If you do business in Lithuania or are exploring the Lithuanian market, virtual phone numbers are a useful and affordable way to start building a local presence.

Virtual Phone Numbers Explained

A virtual phone number is highly portable. It is not tied to any given phone line, but rather rings to the number that you designate. You can even change this designated ring to number as your needs change. Many Lithuania virtual number users change the ring to number several times a day, such as when the move between their homes, offices, and mobile phones.

With a Lithuania virtual phone number, your phone number appears to be local to Lithuania. You can get either a toll free virtual number or a regional one for Lithuanian cities like Akmene, Moletai, Plunge, or Silute (to name a few). Thus, callers in Lithuanian will view your virtual number as being local to their country. Meanwhile, the actual phone that rings may be located in another country.

For example, you could set up your Lithuania virtual phone number so that it rings to your office in London. Had you given your customers UK number, they might not call because your business does not appear local. They might worry about how to dial an international number or pause due to cost concerns. In contrast, when you give them a toll free virtual Lithuania phone number or a local Lithuania virtual number for their city, these concerns will never occur.

Benefits of Using Lithuania Virtual Phone Numbers

Using virtual numbers is a great way to build a local presence in another country. Instead of renting an office in Lithuania and hiring local staff, you can order a virtual phone number and take incoming phone calls from callers in Lithuania at your main office or call center located somewhere else in the world. Being able to centrally manage your calls is far more efficient than having multiple offices scattered around the globe, and the costs savings can be significant.

Lithuania Virtual Number Database

Having a virtual Lithuania phone number while striking business deals in the start up stage can also be beneficial. For one, it will signal to potential partners that you are serious about making a move. At the same time, it will make it easier for them to initiate conversations with you.

Our Lithuania virtual numbers are available on a month-to-month basis with no contract. Simply choose the number type (toll free or pick a city), a monthly plan based on the number of minutes you’d like, and choose any optional add-ons such as call recording or rollover minutes. Enjoy exceptional sound quality and advanced features, and then cancel at any time.

How are you using virtual numbers in your business?


Divert Calls to or from Lithuania

Vilnius Lithuania Eastern EuropeDo you need a convenient and affordable way to communicate internationally with business partners, colleagues, suppliers, or family members in Lithuania?

Our Lithuania global call forwarding solutions may be just the answer.

Setting up a global call forwarding number that’s local to Lithuania is beneficial in several ways. For example:

  • Callers in Lithuania can reach you internationally by dialing either a toll free number or a city-specific Lithuanian phone number, thereby limiting or eliminating their calling costs.
  • Your business can establish a “local” business presence in Lithuanian without having to physically establish a branch office. Use Lithuania global call forwarding numbers for the cities you serve (such as Kelme, Utena, or Plunge) and help your callers reach you with confidence.
  • International call forwarding numbers can help your business appear more professional and more committed to serving the market. Where some callers might hesitate to dial an international number, others will see your international toll free phone number for Lithuania and immediately perceive your business in a more favorable light.

The Global Toll Free Difference

You may wonder why you can’t simply use your company’s existing toll free number in Lithuania. While your toll free number works perfectly fine in your own country, callers from outside your country’s calling region are blocked from using it. Traditional toll free numbers do not support international callers.

What you need is a global toll free number, which is really a type of international call forwarding number. With our service, you can get a toll free international call forwarding number for Lithuania and set up its destination number so that the calls are routed to the phone of your choice — anywhere in the world.

For example, if your main office is in Bowling Green, Kentucky, you could set up Lithuania toll free call forwarding so that your calls go directly to your Bowling Green, Kentucky office.

Likewise, if you have family in Lebanon but want them to be able to reach you toll free while you’re traveling in Paris, France, you could set up global call forwarding so that those calls are routed to your mobile phone or hotel room phone while you’re in France.

Low International Calling Rates, Excellent Call Quality

Our Lithuania global call forwarding solutions are built on a fiber optic global telecommunications network. Because we use PSTN networks rather than VoIP, the audio quality of our global call forwarding for Lithuania is exceptional. Our plans are packed with advanced features, too, like:

  • Customized greetings
  • Fax forwarding
  • Local ringtones
  • Voice mail
  • Voice mail to email
  • Sequential forwarding
  • Simultaneous ringing
  • And more…

We offer global call forwarding solutions for Lithuania on a month-to-month, pay-as-you-go basis. There are no contracts and you can cancel anytime. Whether you have a short-term need for Lithuania call forwarding or expect call volume to increase as your business grows, our flexible global call forwarding plan can adjust to your needs.

How will you be using global call forwarding in Lithuania?

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