Make it Easy in Jordan to Collaborate using International Phone Services

Our Jordan international virtual phone numbers and international conferencing services are both available without contracts.

Amman Jordan Citadel RuinAre you targeting customers located in Jordan?

International virtual toll free phone numbers and international conference calling services are an affordable option that makes it much easier for your sales leads to reach you.

Inspire confidence and close more deals by incorporating these two essential international telecommunications services into your business.

Here’s what you need to know.

How Global Virtual Numbers for Jordan Work

Getting a toll free virtual phone number specific to Jordan is similar to getting a traditional toll free number in your home country in that the call is free to callers. What’s different about a global virtual toll free number for Jordan is that the destination phone can be located outside of Jordan. Your sales leads can dial the toll free number and reach you virtually anywhere in the world.

Our Jordan virtual phone numbers are toll free numbers for Jordan. They have the same toll free prefix and number of digits as all other toll free numbers in the country. As the account holder, you can set the destination phone number to any phone of your choosing including your office phone, home phone, mobile phone, or a call center — located in any country.

When someone in Jordan calls your virtual number, the call will be forwarded over a fiber optic PSTN telecommunications network to the destination phone. The sound quality is exceptional. Like a traditional toll free number, you will be billed per minute and the call is free to your callers.

Why Virtual Phone Numbers in Jordan are Easier for Your Sales Leads

Not only will a Jordan virtual phone number be free for your sales leads, it will also be easier for them. Few people like the idea of placing an international phone call. Not only is there uncertainty about the potential cost, there’s often a sense of anxiety about how to place the call or get an operator involved. Some of your sales leads simply will not return your call if you give them an international phone number. By giving them a virtual toll free number for Jordan, you will immediately put them at ease and eliminate barriers.

How International Conference Calls for Participants in Jordan Work

As the sales cycle progresses, you may find that a group audio call is necessary. Your sales leads may need to include their partners, coworkers, advisors, attorneys, or vendors in a global conference call. Whether gathering requirements, pitching a proposal, negotiating a contract, or planning an upcoming deployment, hosting a global conference call can bring participants in Jordan and from around the world together.

Our Jordan international conference calls work by providing traditional audio conference rooms, advanced features, and international access numbers using modern fiber optic PSTN networks. Conference call attendees in Jordan will dial a toll free access number specific to Jordan. If you’re located in the United States, you’d dial a domestic or toll free number for the United States. Participants in other parts of the world would dial access numbers specific to their countries. Once connected, each attendee enters the conference PIN and begins collaborating in a group audio call.

Why International Conference Calls in Jordan are Easier for Your Sales Leads

Again, it comes down to toll free access. No one involved needs to do anything special or download software. Simply dial a toll free number and enter a PIN code. It’s that easy.

Finally, by providing Jordan phone numbers to your sales leads, you are inspiring confidence. This shows that even though you’re located in another country, you are easy to reach.

Our international virtual phone numbers and international conferencing services are both available without contracts. Whether you intend to establish a local phone presence in Jordan for the long term or have a short-term international conferencing need, our international phone services are an incredible value that adapt to your communications needs.

Make it easy on your sales leads in Jordan by signing up for a global virtual number or a pay-as-you-go international conferencing plan (or both) today.

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