Global Phone Numbers Can Grow Your Business

With a toll-free or local international phone number, your business could appear as if it has an office located in another country.

Global Phone NumbersIn today’s ever-connected world, it’s not unusual to encounter potential customers, suppliers, or business partners from different regions of the world. While you may meet in a LinkedIn or Facebook group and correspond via email, sometimes you must take those conversations out of text and onto the phone lines with global phone numbers.

Virtual global phone numbers are a good way to ensure that you’re accessible and easy to reach. Below are a few ways you can use international numbers to help you grow your business.

  • International Consulting Services — Your expertise may know no borders, but sharing it often requires extensive phone conversations with clients who may resent having to call internationally. Fortunately, ordering global phone numbers for specific countries is an affordable choice that allows you to present yourself as if you were local. For example, if you are targeting clients in Milan, Italy, you could order a local virtual phone number for Milan and then forward all incoming calls to your home office in another country. Your clients can now comfortably call you without incurring international long distance costs.
  • Imports and Exports — Many business owners consider importing or exporting as a means of gaining a competitive advantage. Importing raw materials, for example, could potentially reduce your manufacturing costs while exporting goods could help your business enter new markets. Both of these activities require excellent communication skills — and a means of facilitating that communication. A global phone number makes it much easier for suppliers, partners, trade officials, and shippers to get in touch with you.
  • Building an International Presence — Whether you target customers around the globe or travel frequently on business, having international phone numbers is a solid way to build an international presence. With a toll-free or local international phone number, your business could appear as if it has an office located in another country. Meanwhile, your callers have a country-specific channel that they can use to reach your main office.
  • Centralized Service Centers — While large international call centers may seem like something only enterprise organizations do, small and mid-sized companies can also benefit by routing incoming phone calls from around the world into a central office. Rather than having staff and branch offices in multiple countries, it may make sense to use global phone numbers and route them into a single office. 

Global phone numbers offer many benefits to businesses that need to expand their reach into international markets. For example, with one of our global phone numbers:

  • Your business becomes more accessible to local callers in another country
  • You can forward incoming calls to any phone in the world
  • It’s possible to change your “ring to” number as your needs change
  • You can get toll free international phone numbers to boost your credibility
  • You can control how your incoming calls are handled based on time of the day
  • You can create a more professional, international business image
  • You can pay as you go or cancel without penalty

Global phone numbers are available for countries around the globe.

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