International Conferencing Connect with Experts

It’s no longer necessary to fly (or sail) across oceans or traverse continents in order to speak to an international subject matter expert or gather a team of them together into a conference.

How to Use International Conferencing Connect with Subject Matter Experts from Around the World

International Conferencing Connect Use Case | The world has become much smaller thanks to advances in telecommunications. As a result, teams on assignments have much easier access to the brightest minds on the planet.

It’s no longer necessary to fly (or sail) across oceans or traverse continents in order to speak to an international subject matter expert or gather a team of them together into a conference.

Global conferencing tools make it possible to gather in a group audio call at a moment’s notice.

Best of all, you don’t need expensive equipment or a long-term commitment to a pricey conference calling plan. You do not even need a computer, just your phone.

Here’s what you need to know about using global conference calling to connect with subject matter experts.

Global Audio Conferencing Equipment — No computer required. All you and your subject matter experts need is a telephone.

Our international conference calling service uses modern fiberoptic PSTN telecommunications networks to deliver crystal clear audio to all participants no matter where in the world they are located.

This is traditional, tried-and-true technology and not VoIP which often causes glitches, dropouts, echoes, and subpar audio quality.  Any phone, including landlines, mobile phones, and Skype, will work with our plans.

Global Access Numbers — Subject matter experts are providing you with a valuable service by sharing their knowledge.

The last thing you want to do is inconvenience them with an expensive international phone call. Our global conferencing plans have local and toll-free access numbers for more than 150 countries around the world.

Bring an expert on the call

For example, if the subject matter expert is located in Paris, France, she can dial a Paris phone number in order to join your conference call. If another expert is joining you from Dubai, he can dial a toll-free phone number for the United Arab Emirates.

Moderator Dial-out — There may be occasions where you’ll need to manually dial the subject matter expert.

For example, if you need an archaeologist’s to share his expert opinion about a discovery made on a construction site, but first need to discuss other aspects of the project with your team, you might want to begin the conference with your team and then call the archaeologist mid-way through the conference call.

Respecting experts time

This respects the expert’s time by not requiring him to sit through conversations that are not relevant.

Our global conference calling plans include a dial-out function where you can quickly and easily dial a participant and then join them into the conference call.

Recording Global Audio Conferences — It’s a good practice to inform participants that the call is being recorded.

Depending on the nature of the call, your subject matter expert may have some conditions on whether the call can be recorded or how you can and cannot use the recording.

If there are no objections, make the most of your time with subject matter experts by recording your conference calls. This is a simple matter of pressing *2 on your handset.

Collaborating with subject matter experts is easy when you have a global conference calling plan.

It’s also affordable thanks to our low rates, pay-as-you-go pricing, and contract-free arrangement. Simply pay for the calls you host as you host them. You can cancel at any time.

Give international conferencing a try by signing up today.

How to host international conference calls

How to Host International Conference Calls
How to Host International Conference Calls

International Conference Call are easy to host utilizing international Toll Free access numbers.

Hosting an international conference calls is a very powerful tool for conversing with a group, large or small, located in disparate locations around the world.

While conducting an international teleconference call there are many issues which a wise facilitator takes into consideration. On the other hand, the rewards generated through it are likely to be greater. This is because hosting internationally gives exposure to your business worldwide and in many cases will replace business travel and the associated expenses.

Below are few important tips to host an international teleconference call:

1. Having a hosting service that caters to international customers is very important, this might not seem very important but in reality it is. It helps to ensure that all participants will have a good experience.

2. Know the location of your attendees: It is very important while hosting conference calls internationally. Suppose you have clients in New York USA, Italy, South Africa and Sydney Australia. Obviously there are time zone issues to work out with your participants.  So, it is important to know about the location of clients to set up your conference call date and time accordingly.

3. Provide recording service: No doubt there are number of issues which are related to your country or your client’s country when it comes to international conference calling. The issues may be regarding reliability or security etc. The solution for this problem is that you must always provide recording facilities. This will give you good benefits. Suppose if any participant was not able to take part in the call.  If the call was recorded, you can provide them the recorded MP3 copy.

So, if you plan to host international conference calls keep the things in mind.