Communicating with Vendors in China with Global Conference Calls

Our specialized China conferencing service provides you with everything you need to host international conference calls without the hassles or high costs mentioned above.

Shanghai ChinaWorking with suppliers, vendors, manufacturers, and other business partners in China has its financial advantages. Use global conference calls in China to make sure everyone on your international team is informed.

International conference calling between China and other nations is easier to set up and more affordable than you may realize.

Why Regular Office Conference Calling Services Might Not Work Internationally

If your office has a conference calling-enabled PBX system or uses a third party conference calling service provider, you may think you have everything you need to hold a China conference call. Unfortunately, international conference calls require dialing country exit codes and country codes (which can be challenging for people to deal with, especially if they are unaccustomed to making international phone calls) and can quickly become costly for participants due to international long distance rates.

International conference calling services are designed specifically for joining a group of attendees from around the world into a shared audio conference room. Our specialized conferencing service provides you with everything you need to host international conference calls without the hassles or high costs mentioned above.

For example, your Chinese conference call participants will dial a local or toll free access number specific to China. Having country specific access numbers takes the complexity of dialing an international phone number out of the equation. Callers won’t feel intimidated when they see a foreign-appearing number, nor will they feel the need to use an international operator to join the conference call in China or anywhere else in the world.

Your other international conference call attendees will dial into the China conference call using access numbers local to them. USA callers, for example, will dial a US toll free number or an access number local to their cities.

Our competitive per minute international rates keep costs low. We have some of the best conferencing calling rates you’ll find, and exceptional sound quality. We use the same conferencing bridge technology as AT&T and have modern, fiber optic telecom networks that use PSTN, not VoIP.

When to Host China Global Conference Calls with Vendors and Suppliers

If you do business offshore, you’ll likely have numerous opportunities to use our China global conference calling service. Below are just a few examples:

  • Discussing new prototype requirements
  • Hosting a global conference call for bidders
  • Communicating project requirements
  • Status update meetings
  • Placing large manufacturing orders
  • Coordinating a local visit
  • Preparing for shipping, customs, import/export, and other logistical concerns

Save Time and Money with China Global Conference Calling Services

Our global conference calling services can save you both time and money, and they’re easy to use. We offer a pay-as-you-go global conference calling plan where you pay only for the minutes you and your participants consume. Our international conference calling rates for China are less than 10 cents per minute for toll free and dial-out access. China local dial-in and China mobile 400 access are also available.

Connect to the conference room via Wifi using the free included Connect App.  Use it with iPhone, Android, PC or MAC.  No dialing a phone access number required when using the Connect App.

Our international conference calling service is built for getting things done. The technology gets out of the way so that you can communicate cheaply and effectively. Sign up for a no-contract, pay-as-you-go plan now.

International Conference Call China – China 400 Local Number does offer the China 400 Toll Free access number with the international conference call plan.

International Conference Call China
International Conference Call China

Are there Toll Free numbers for use inside China? Of course there are. With all of the unbelievable commerce taking place in China over the past 20 years, China has become a highly technically advanced society.  Thus, China businesses have had China Toll Free numbers for a long time.

However, there is one type of China Toll Free number that is relatively new.  It’s the China ‘400’ number.  Unlike a normal China Toll Free number, the ‘400’ number works from China Mobile phones throughout mainland China. Previous to the advent and approval by the China government of the China 400 number, China mobile phones could not access a normal China business Toll Free number.

Differences between 800 and 400 numbers in China:

800 Toll Free numbers are accessible to landline users only in both North and South China.

The China (400) Type number is accessible to all landline and mobile users regardless of the callers’ mainland China location or type of device used, fixed or mobile.

As mentioned, normal China Toll Free numbers cannot be accessed when the caller is using a China Mobile phone.  In addition, the traditional China Toll Free numbers are geographically specific.  Meaning that if the caller is in Northern China, they must use a North China Toll Free number.  If in South China, they need use the South China Toll Free number. does offer the China 400 access number with the international conference call plan.

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