Improving Team Collaboration in Germany with Global Conference Calls

With ready access to our global conferencing tools, you can collaborate with your international team as needed, when needed.

Germany Frankfurt Am MainVirtual teams are often international teams, making global conference calls an important communications tool.

If you have team members in Germany who need to join your group audio calls, you’ll soon find that our pay-as-you-go global conferencing service is the perfect choice.

Here’s why.

Global Conference Calls are Better than Chats and Email for Team Collaboration in Many Situations

Instant messaging, group chats, and emails all have their time and place, and they have little to no costs associated with them. However, there are certain situations where teams need to talk. For example, a quick 10-minute international conference call can be used to get answers, brainstorm solutions, or nail down a timeline for a project’s most crucial milestones.

Everyone, whether in USA or Germany or somewhere else in the world, will have heard the same information, had their voices heard, and had the opportunity to contribute their ideas. In contrast, emails and group chats can quickly become hard to manage; it can take hours, if not days, for everyone to weigh in; and they’re not the best medium for group meetings.

Overcoming the Challenges Involved in Hosting Global Conference Calls

Germany, USA, Australia, Japan, and other countries around the world all have their own country and exit codes. They use different dialing conventions, and their toll free numbers only work in their designated regions. All of these telephone dialing differences make calling someone in another country challenging from the beginning. Plus, cost concerns are legitimate.

Our global conferencing plans allow you to host international conference calls with participants from around the world. For example, if half of your team is located in the United States and the half is located in Germany, global conference calls using our pay-as-you-go service are as easy as dialing a local number.

  • Germany conference call participants will dial a German phone number to join your call. It’s simple, familiar, and inexpensive to your attendees. In fact, you can even opt for toll free German global conference call access so they can join group audio call without incurring any toll charges.
  • USA conference call participants will dial a US phone number, which can be either specific to a city or toll free.

Our low per minute rates for more than 100 countries around the world are highly competitive — and we offer our global conferencing plans on a pay-as-you-go basis with no contracts, no monthly fees, and no penalties for non-use or cancellation.

Another challenge with global calls of any type, including group audio calls, involves sound quality. You need to be able to hear one another without struggling. Where other services rely on cheap and unreliable VoIP, our global conference calling service uses PSTN fiber optic networks (plain old phone service) and the same conference bridge technology used by AT&T for the best audio quality and reliability. Our sound quality is superior, allowing you to communicate with your colleagues from Germany as if they were in the same building and not half a world away.

With ready access to our global conferencing tools, you can collaborate with your international team as needed, when needed. While you can certainly preschedule global conference calls or set up recurring calls, you can also hold a conference on the fly without having to make a reservation.

Our pay-as-you-go plans include advanced features, such as MP3 audio recordings and live online conference call management tools, to help you improve the way you and your teammates collaborate with one another.

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