Benefits of Hosting Switzerland International Conference Calls

Zurich Oerlikon urban construction sitesWhether you’re based in Switzerland or have business partners there, hosting global conference calls is beneficial in several important ways.

Below are just a few of the many benefits you can expect when hosting Switzerland global conference calls.

  • Easy international group collaboration — Hosting a global group conference call from Switzerland is easy for everyone involved using our service. As the host of the conference call, you can schedule a conference at any time — without reservations or requiring operator assistance. Simply schedule the call and invite attendees. Our free Outlook plugin makes it even easier, as does our free Connect app. Meanwhile, your attendees from around the world will use country-specific access numbers to dial into the call, eliminating any confusion or concerns regarding dialing a Swiss access number.
  • Affordable alternative to travel — Hosting a Switzerland global conference call is far more affordable than traveling to meet with international business partners in person. Rather than flying to another country, booking a hotel, and arranging for transportation, host a global conference call for a fraction of the cost. If you frequently fly regional employees in for sales meetings, consider hosting a global conference call instead as the savings will be substantial.
  • Fewer security concerns — Any time you travel internationally these days, security is a concern. When you host a global conference call in Switzerland, you no longer need to worry about long security lines or personal security — nor do your attendees.
  • Easy to document meetings — Built-in recording tools make it easy to document your global conference calls. Simply record the call and download the recording in MP3 format. From there, you can either store the recording for posterity or legal compliance purposes, share it with the other attendees, share it with absentee participants, or even have it transcribed. Recording your Switzerland conference calls is a simple matter of pressing a key.
  • A great way to build relationships across borders — Because international conference calls are so easy and affordable, you can host them more often than you’d hold in-person meetings. As a result, you can use regular conference calls to build stronger relationships with you colleagues and business partners from around the world.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Switzerland Global Conference Calls

In order to get these benefits, you’ll need a reliable, easy-to-use, and affordable international conference calling service. Our pay-as-you-go plans fit perfectly. We have competitive rates and use modern PSTN networks for the best sound quality and reliability possible. Whether you host one international conference call a year or host them daily, you’ll appreciate the flexibility of our plans and the vast global network of access points to accommodate your international conference call guests.

Once you have an international conferencing solution, the next step is to use it. Global conference calls can be used for any number of meetings including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Staff meetings
  • Recruiting / job interviews
  • Negotiations
  • Regional sales meetings
  • Training
  • Consultations with experts
  • Legal proceedings such as dispositions

How have you used global conference calls in Switzerland?

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