Informing a Crowd with Canada / USA Conference Calls

Our Canada conference calling plans are pay-as-you-go with no monthly fees with advanced features, exceptional audio quality, no contracts.

Toronto Canada

There are many potential uses for group audio calls across the United States and Canada. Conference calls are particularly well suited for informing a large number of people at once.

By holding a conference call, you can bring everyone together via phone — even if they’re located in different parts of the country.

The call could be anything from a 10-minute update to an in-depth discussion or training session. Regardless of length, holding a conference call is one of the most cost-effective communications choices you can make.

For example, if your company is rolling out a new product, service, or initiative and you’d like the CEO to explain its benefits to employees beforehand, a conference call is an efficient and affordable way to do so. Let’s dig into this example a little deeper to give you a better idea of how a conference call like this might work.

Let’s say the company is based in Toronto and has branch offices in Calgary, Alberta, and Vancouver as well as two offices in the United States in Chicago and Miami. Let’s also say that each office has 10 employees.

The CEO has several options as far as communicating the message goes including:

  • Traveling to each office (expensive and time consuming)
  • Sending an email (may be difficult to capture attention, convey the value, or generate excitement)
  • Appearing in a video announcement (one-sided, potentially impersonal, no real-time feedback)
  • Holding a conference call (personal, affordable, easy, and opportunity for real-time feedback

Having reviewed the various communications options, the CEO in Canada decides that a conference call is a good choice. So, what happens next? With our pay-as-you-go Canada conferencing service, the CEO can quickly schedule and plan the conference call:

  • Schedule the call or hold it on demand — no reservations required
  • Invite attendees from across Canada and USA
  • Issue regional or toll free access numbers for employees in Toronto, Calgary, Alberta, Vancouver, Chicago, and Miami to use to join the call
  • Use our free Connect app or Live Conference Viewer app to manage the conference call in progress
  • Record the conference call so that absentee invitees can later listen to it
  • Start the Canada conference call in “lecture” mode whereby only the chairperson of the call speaks
  • Switch out of “lecture” mode so that participants may speak freely and ask questions
  • Break the conference call into sub-groups if desired

Meanwhile, employees across Canada and USA can participate in the conference call simply by dialing a local or toll free phone number and entering a PIN. With time zone differences, some may not be at their offices when the call is scheduled. This isn’t a problem because they can call in using their home phones or mobile phones. There’s no special software to install or equipment to use. Virtually any phone will work with our Canada conferencing service.

As convenient as it is to host a Canada conference call with employees across Canada and USA, how much would this communications method cost in this example? With our pay-as-you-go Canada conferencing service, this example conference call would cost:

  • 2.9¢ cents per minute for callers in Canada dialing local access numbers (local access numbers available for Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Québec, Ottawa, Alberta, Calgary, and Halifax)
  • 3.9¢ cents per minute for callers dialing toll free in Canada
  • 2.9¢ cents per minute for callers in USA using toll free access numbers
  • 1.7¢ cents per minute for callers in USA using local access numbers

Thus, for our offices across Canada and USA, the break down as follows:

  • 10 employees plus one CEO in Toronto dialing a local access number
  • 10 employees in Calgary dialing a local access number
  • 10 employees in Alberta dialing a local access number
  • 10 employees in Vancouver dialing a toll free access number
  • 10 employees in Chicago dialing a local access number
  • 10 employees in Miami dialing a toll free access number

Better yet, our Canada conference calling plans are pay-as-you-go with no monthly fees with advanced features, exceptional audio quality, no contracts. Plus, how you use your conference calls is completely up to you. The possibilities are endless.

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Several ways to manage your Canada conference calls

When it comes to hosing conference calls with Canada, you have several convenient options.

Montreal Canada SkylineCanada and US conferencing

Three Easy Ways to Host Conference Calls Across Canada

When it comes to hosing conference calls with Canada, you have several convenient options. Below are three of the easiest ways to host a Canada conference call using our pay-as-you-go Canada conference calling service.

  1. Host a Toll Free Canada Conference Call

Perhaps the easiest option of all is to host a toll free Canada conference call. With this type of conference call, each attendee is given a toll free access number and a conference PIN. Whether in Vancouver, Québec, Montreal, Toronto, or a remote community in the Yukon, your attendees will each dial into your conference call using a toll free number. There are no costs to your participants whatsoever with this method, and you’re billed 2.9 cents per minute per participant. This is about as easy as it gets.

  1. Use a Combination of Local and Toll Free Access Numbers

Another option is available that can still ensure that your attendees can dial in at no cost, or at minimal cost, while lowering your costs a bit: using a combination of local and toll free access numbers. We have local access numbers for certain Canadian cities such as Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Alberta, Québec, Halifax, Ottawa, and Calgary. Have your attendees in these cities use local access numbers, which reduces your per minute rate down to just 2.9 cents per minute per participant. For everyone else, issue the toll free access number. Again, this is very easy on everyone involved.

  1. Use the Live Conference Viewer to Dial Attendees in Canada Directly

Our free live conference viewer is yet another easy-to-use option. This is a web application that allows you to manage your conference calls as they take place. You can also use the Live Conference Viewer to manually control the call in progress.

Each of the above options is easy with our service — and it gets even better! You can also extend your Canada conference calls to participants around the world if desired. For example, if you have participants in the United States who need to be on the conference call, you can invite them, too. We have dozens of local access numbers (1.7¢ /min) for cities across the United States as well as toll free access.

Thus, you can use our Canada conference calling service to host:

  • Canada conference calls with participants across Canada only
  • US – Canada conference calls with participants in Canada and USA

This is a pay-as-you-go conference calling plan with no contracts, no monthly fees, and no unexpected charges. We have exceptional audio quality and reliability, and our plans are packed with advanced features.

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Brainstorming Across Canada with Group Collaboration Calls

When you choose a group collaboration call, your communications take place in real time, allowing you to bounce ideas off one another, clarify ideas, ask questions, and get to know each other.

Vancouver Bridge Columbia British CanadaImagine the following scenario: you’re a digital marketer in British Columbia who has been tasked with an advertising project in partnership with a creative team located in Ontario – and your favorite copywriter is located in Alberta.

You want to bring everyone together to brainstorm ideas, but you’re working with a limited budget. One of the best, and most affordable, ways to brainstorm with your team across Canada is with group collaboration calls.

Why Choose a Group Collaboration Call Over Meeting in Person?
Though it would be an excellent opportunity to meet with your team in person, it would also be costly. Several team members would need to book flights and hotels, and depending on your office space, you may need to rent a suitable meeting room.

Remember that limited budget? Do you have thousands of dollars to spare to facilitate a brainstorming session?

In contrast, a Canada group collaboration call costs mere pennies per minute. Using our Canada group collaboration calling service, everyone could dial a toll free number and share their ideas without impacting your creative budget.

For example, at a rate of $0.04 per minute, it would cost a team of 10 just $12.00 for a 30-minute group collaboration call. At rates like this, you could host group collaboration calls as often as necessary. In fact, it’s often more effective to hold a series of shorter meetings rather than trying to accomplish everything in one longer session.

Why Choose a Group Collaboration Call Over a Web Conference?
Web conferencing is another option for brainstorming with a team, but it has its downsides, too, especially when you’re working with external team members who don’t necessarily use the same technologies.

Some team members will need to install software or buy a webcam and a microphone. Others will need help learning how to use the software. Others will feel uncomfortable being on camera.

Canada group collaboration calls do not require any special equipment, software, or knowledge. Simply schedule your audio conference, share the conference details, and interact with your team in a phone call.

Why Choose a Group Collaboration Call Over Email?
Email is great for communicating with your team and following up on progress, but it’s trickier for brainstorming. When you choose a group collaboration call, your communications take place in real time, allowing you to bounce ideas off one another, clarify ideas, ask questions, and get to know each other.

Plus, group collaboration calls are not mutually exclusive. You may want to hold weekly group collaboration calls followed by email as needed. If you have files you need to share, you could either email them before the call or direct everyone to a shared storage drive during the call.

You may decide to use group collaboration calls as your main communications method along with the occasional Web conference for sharing your digital presentations.

How do you use group collaboration calls in Canada or around the world?

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US/Canada Conference Calls. Added Local access numbers in many U.S. and Canadian cities.

Canada - US Conference Calling
Canada – US Conference Calling

U.S.-Canada Conference Calls

In addition to Toll-Free access from Canada and the US, ‘local’ access numbers are available in Canada and the U.S.

We have added numerous ‘local’ access numbers for the US/Canada conference call plan.  Having more access points enables customers to provide local convenience to their participants to join a conference call or optionally use the included Toll-Free access numbers.

A customer can now host a conference call with some of their participants dialing in Toll-Free and others dialing in using a local access number at a lower rate, all meeting in the same conference room.  All local access numbers for the US and Canada are sent immediately upon account activation.

New local access numbers available in the following US and Canadian cities:

Canada Local AccessUS Local Access
647 Ontario (Toronto) 602 Phoenix, AZ
438 Montreal916 Sacramento, CA
778 British Columbia619 San Diego, CA
418 Quebec415 San Francisco, CA
587 Alberta213 Los Angeles, CA
343 Ottawa510 Oakland, CA
720 Denver, CO
860 Hartford, CT
202 Washington, DC
954 Ft Lauderdale, FL
407 Orlando, FL
786 Miami, FL
813 Tampa, FL
470 Atlanta, GA
312 Chicago, IL
317 Indianapolis, IN
857 Boston, MA
410 Baltimore, MD
612 Twin Cities, MN
980 Charlotte, NC
702 Las Vegas, NV
646 New York, NY
216 Cleveland, OH
971 Portland, OR
215 Philadelphia, PA
412 Pittsburgh, PA
817 Fort Worth, TX
972 Dallas, TX
832 Houston, TX
206 Seattle, WA
414 Milwaukee, WI

Benefits of hosting business meetings through conference call Canada

Canada Conference Calls
Canada Conference Calls

Canada Call conferencing is a specialized Canada/USA Toll Free conference call plan that has streamlined the flow of communication for Canadian companies like never before.

It has provided Canadian enterprises with a very convenient way of collaborating with their associates and customers located within Canada and/or the USA.

One important feature is cost.  This Canada service is priced far below the Canada national services for Toll Free call conferencing. Learn more.

Hosting a business meeting utilizing a Canada conference call has also resulted in huge savings in terms of money and time for Canadian enterprises of all sizes. One of the major benefits is that the conferees can be located in Canada OR the U.S.

Hosting a conference call works well not only for internal meetings but also with existing clients, business partners, investors, marketing, negotiating business transactions, etc, through various exciting features of conference call Canada.

Audio conference calls also ensure that important decisions are instantly communicated to all the concerned, whatever part of Canada they may be located in. This is also a very cost-effective way to train key personnel located in different locales regarding policy changes and new product announcements for sales staff and support people.

Due to crystal clear sound quality and reliability, the ‘Canada conference call‘ is a painless strategy for collaboration with geographically diverse attendees. Conference calls can be recorded for future reference via an MP3 file, important decisions and commitments made or agreed to can be recorded.

Conference call Canada has become a very important tool in modern business communication which every company has access to and can benefit from.

If you have conference call participants in other countries beyond Canada and the US, you can have toll-free access in 105 countries using the Expanded Global Conference Call Plan located here.  Canada toll-free rates on this plan, 2.6¢ per minute.