How to Make Cheap International Calls from USA to China Without Hassles or Poor Quality

Enjoy exceptional audio quality when calling people in China

Shanghai ChinaCalling colleagues, partners, vendors, and others in China from USA can quickly become expensive.

While cheap international calling cards are available, it’s a hassle to enter PIN codes each time, and you may not have the ongoing need or call volume to justify signing up for a recurring service.

Meanwhile, VoIP calls lack the audio quality and reliability required for professional conversations.

Fortunately, it’s possible to make cheap international phone calls from USA to China without having to enter a lengthy PIN number each time or suffer through horrible audio quality.

Here’s how:

  • Sign up — Our service offers the cheap international calling rates to China and dozens of other countries around the world — with no hidden fees or taxes! There are also no monthly fees, activation fees, cancellations charges, or any other fees to worry about.
  • Load up your account — Our Flex Plan is prepaid, so buy a suitable number of minutes. These minutes can be used from USA to China as well as to any of the other 240 supported countries.
  • Download one of our free mobile apps — Apps make dialing fast and easy, helping you to avoid the pesky problem of memorizing and entering a lengthy PIN.
  • Set up Caller ID recognition — Here’s another way to avoid having to enter a PIN: Caller ID recognition. This feature recognizes and associates your registered phone with your account so that you can quickly place calls to China using the Flex Plan and bypassing your local carrier.
  • Enjoy exceptional audio quality when calling people in China — Whether calling someone in Beijing or a remote rural area, your cheap USA to China phone call will be routed over a modern telecommunications network for the ultimate in reliability and sound quality. Should you get a bad international circuit when calling China, simply press # # followed by * # to terminate the call and redial it on a fresh circuit. This is rarely necessary with our network, but it’s a great option should you need it.

The combination of ultra-cheap international long distance rates with no hidden fees, quality and reliability, and dialing conveniences make our services an excellent choice for making cheap international phone calls to China — or the rest of the world.

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