How to Change a Global Virtual Number’s Destination Number

When you first order one of our global virtual phone numbers, you’re initially prompted to enter its destination number.

Virtual Number ChangeGlobal virtual numbers are special phone numbers that lack a permanent, physical phone connection. Rather, these numbers are routed to a destination phone which rings when the virtual number is called. With our global call forwarding service, you can change the destination number as needed.

Here’s what you need to know.

Depending on your needs, you might designate a “ring to” phone that’s located in your office, home, or a call center. You could even designate a mobile phone. When you first order one of our global virtual phone numbers, you’re initially prompted to enter its destination number. However, you might want to change it for various reasons. For example:

  • One-time ring-to number changes — Let’s say your virtual number has been ringing to your main office for several months, but call volume has increased and it’s time to have your call center take over. Switching the ring-to number from your main office to your call center would be a permanent or semi-permanent change. Likewise, if the physical office where your ring-to number rings has to change all of its phone numbers due to a move or area code change, you’d need to change the destination number to the new physical phone number.
  • On-the-fly ring-to number changes — You may also want to change the destination number more frequently as various scenarios play out. For example, small offices may need a few hours without incoming phone calls during meetings, training, or special events, in which case, changing the ring-to number so that another branch office can handle those calls would ensure that callers receive the help they need while the office staff attends to other matters.

Regardless of why you might like to change a virtual number’s destination number, the process is a simple matter of logging in to your global virtual phone number account with your account number and PIN and then editing the “modify to” field with the new ring-to number. Click the Submit Modifications button to complete the process in real time.

  • Periodic ring-to number changes based on time of day — For many businesses, especially global ones that receive calls originating in countries in different time zones, changing the destination number based on the time of day makes a lot of sense. For example, your main office might close at 5:00pm local time, but your callers in a different country or time zone are still calling during normal business hours for their locale. To solve this, you could set up your virtual number’s ring-to number to change to another call center or office that is able to take those calls at that time of day. While you could do this on-the-fly each night, using our time-of-day call forwarding option automates this process.

The ability to change the destination number for your virtual number makes our global call forwarding numbers extremely versatile and portable. Offered on a monthly basis with no contracts and with competitive pricing, there’s no risk in getting started with your own virtual number. Cancel at any time. There’s no need to wait for the phone company or commit to a given location or plan for the long term. Get started today and change your destination number as your needs change.

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