Hosting Austria International Conference Calls

PSTN networks are traditional fiberoptic networks. They are tried and true and known for their reliability and sound quality.

Vienna Austria Evening imageIf you have business associates, family members, or friends in Austria, global conference calls are a great way to stay in touch, build relationships, and control your costs at the same time.

However, not all global conferencing plans are built equally. Here’s what you need to know about hosting global conference calls in Austria.

International Conferencing Calling Plans Vary

First, some international conferencing plans charge you a set fee — whether you use the service or not. Others are available on a pay-as-you-go basis. Our Austria global conference calls are pay-as-you-go — and you pay only for the minutes you use. There are no minimums and no cancellation fees. Our international calling rates are among the most competitive you’ll find. Plus, you get loads of free, advanced features such as MP3 recording, live operator assistance, and free online event viewing tools.

Another important consideration when choosing an Austria global conference call service is whether the service uses VoIP or PSTN networks. VoIP conference calls are routed over the Internet. While good from a cost perspective, VoIP calls often have sound quality issues like dropouts, echoes, delays, stutters, and line noise.

PSTN networks are traditional fiberoptic networks. They are tried and true and known for their reliability and sound quality. If you’ll be holding important business conference calls in Austria, we strongly urge you to look at PSTN-based conference calling plans.

Toll Free Access Numbers are Available for Attendees in Austria and Around the World

Toll free numbers typically work only within a given region of the world. For example, callers in Austria cannot connect to a USA business using the USA toll free number the business may have. Instead, they must call the business’s direct number and incur international long distance charges. When you host an international conference call, you can’t simply give your international callers your business’s toll free number because, unless they are in your country, the number will not work.

There’s a workaround to this: choose a global conference calling service provider that offers toll free support to the countries your call’s participants are located in. We issue toll free numbers unique to various countries and then use international call forwarding to route those callers to your conference room.

This means that if you’re hosting a global conference call in Austria but have attendees in France, South Africa, Canada, Japan, and Singapore, your individual callers will all receive toll free numbers unique to their countries. They will not need to dial a foreign number, nor will they incur international long distance tolls when they connect to your Austria conference call.

Austria toll free and local access numbers to accommodate you and your Austria international conference call guests.

Two Austria access number options.

Austria Toll Free

Austria Vienna local access

Global Conference Calls in Austria Help Facilitate Communications

Once you’ve found and signed up for a plan, use it! Hosting global conference calls using our international conferencing plan is super easy and extremely affordable. Rather than holding semiannual meetings in person, our global conferencing plans make it easy to hold monthly, weekly, or even daily group calls.

How have you used global conference calls to improve group communications?

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