Staying Connected with Virtual Number Call Forwarding

Staying Connected with Virtual Number Call ForwardingVirtual number call forwarding is a convenient and affordable way to stay in touch with families, friends, and business associates no matter where you may be.

With a virtual phone number, your phone number becomes the ultimate portable number. It can ring to  your main line, your cell phone, your office line, your hotel switchboard, a disposable phone when traveling overseas, and virtually any other phone you may happen to use. Here’s how you can stay connected with virtual number call forwarding.

Virtual Number Call Forwarding Basics

What is virtual number call forwarding? Virtual number call forwarding is a telecommunications service offered by various telecommunications provider. When you order a virtual phone number, you are issued either a local or toll free number (depending on your preferences).

From there, you will be prompted to designate what’s known as a ring to number. For example, you might set up virtual number call forwarding to ring to your main telephone number initially. Then, whenever someone dials the virtual phone number, your main telephone number will ring.

The beauty of virtual number call forwarding is that you can change the ring to number as needed. Let’s say you have the call forwarding number set to ring to your home phone most of the time. When you go on vacation, you can log into your virtual number call forwarding account and change the ring to number to your mobile phone or hotel room phone. Then, whenever someone dials the virtual phone number, instead of ringing to your home phone as usual, your mobile or hotel room phone will ring.

To your friends, family members, and business associates, the transition will be seamless. From their perspective, they’re dialing the same phone number they always dial to reach you. However, thanks to virtual number call forwarding, you can be reached no matter which phone you have by your side.

Using Advanced Features of Virtual Number Call Forwarding

The basics of virtual number call forwarding are useful in their own right. However, there’s more. Advanced virtual number call forwarding features are available. For example, if you tend to use several different phones, simultaneous ringing can be set up to ring them all at once. That way, you can answer whichever phone you have handy and not miss a single call.

Similarly, sequential virtual number call forwarding can be used to send incoming calls to the phones you’re most likely to be using. You could set the first number in the sequence as your main office number. If it’s not answered in specified time period, the next number in the sequence will ring and so on until you reach the last number, typically voicemail, in the sequence.

Another advanced virtual number call forwarding feature allows you to specify which phone should ring at a give time of day. For instance, if you work regular business hours at the office, you could set your office phone number as the ring to number from 9:00am to 5:00pm each business day and then set your home or mobile number as the ring to number for the other times of day. Don’t want to answer your phone at night? Set up calls to go directly to voicemail at night.

Virtual number call forwarding isn’t just about forwarding voice calls to your other phones; it’s also about faxing. You can forward incoming faxes directly to your email address. Not only can you receive faxes virtually anywhere, you can potentially get rid of your fax machine, paper and toner costs, and separate phone line. Your incoming faxes will be delivered as PDF files that you can view and store on your computer.

You can also forward your voicemail messages to email if desired. Incoming voicemail messages arrive in your inbox. Simply click the attachment and listen to your message.

These are but a few of the many ways you can benefit from virtual number call forwarding. Getting a virtual number call forwarding plan is an easy process, and it can keep you connected to your contacts no matter where you go. Use virtual number call forwarding to ensure that you can be reached wherever you are and whenever you want to be reached. If you do not want to be disturbed, you have control over that too.

Best of all, virtual number call forwarding is a cost effective choice. Rather than giving your mobile number to people who might call too much or at inconvenient times, you can give out your international call forwarding number and control when and where you take those calls. This preserves your precious mobile minutes – and your sanity! By using virtual number call forwarding, you can also reduce some of your traditional phone lines such as a separate fax line.

Take advantage of these benefits by getting virtual number call forwarding today.

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