Starting a Business in Dominican Republic with Virtual Numbers

Dominican RepublicThinking about starting a business in the Dominican Republic? Whether you’ll be exporting goods, outsourcing manufacturing, or setting up a physical office, you’ll need a means of communicating internationally with your local contacts and potential customers.

As you explore the Dominican Republic marketplace, keep the following business communication tips in mind.

  • Communicating with local authorities — According to the World Bank Group’s Doing Business project, starting a business in the Dominican Republic requires: obtaining and publishing a business name, paying an incorporation tax, registering your business with the Chamber of Commerce, obtaining an RNC identification number, filing for the National Taxpayers Registry, and registering local employees with both the Department of Labor and the Social Security Office. Having a Dominican Republic virtual phone number as you start the business is useful in communicating with local authorities. Not only will they need your phone number as part of standard contact information, if they need to speak with you or return your calls, it will be much easier for them to call a local Dominican Republic call forwarding number than an international one.
  • Communicating with your local business partners — Having a virtual phone number for the Dominican Republic does several things: it makes it easier for locals to contact you by removing barriers like international long distance; it shows you’re serious about establishing a local presence; and it allows you to be reached from virtually anywhere in the world. Whether you’re visiting the country and introducing yourself to potential partners or need to speak with your contacts while outside of the country, all they need is your main Dominican Republic phone number. All you need to do is configure its “ring to” number to ring to the phone of your choice wherever in the world you may happen to be.
  • Communicating with local customers — You’ll continue to use your virtual Dominican Republic phone number once your business is up and running (or you can get a second one specifically for customer phone calls). In this case, you’ll need a Dominican Republic virtual number for receiving customer inquiries. Depending on the expected call volume and how your business is set up, you may want to route your incoming calls to your main office or a third party call center. You could also set it up so that the auto attendant greets your callers and then routes them to voice mail, a dedicated customer service agent, or another phone number of your choice. Either way, your callers will dial what appears to be a local or toll free number for the Dominican Republic — yet their calls will be forwarded international to the phone number you’ve designated.

Setting up a business in the Dominican Republic requires the ability to communicate with local authorities, partners, and, ultimately, your customers. Give your business an advantage by ordering Dominican Republic virtual phone numbers early in the process.

How have you used virtual phone numbers in the startup phase?

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